Need some thoughts on an upcoming campaign in my club.

A review of past Cadre formations from tau'cyr before.
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Need some thoughts on an upcoming campaign in my club.

Post#1 » Mar 08 2013 08:27

Hello commanders.
I've got an upcoming campaign scheduled for 25. 26. and 27th of March.
The rules were released a few days ago and I'm somewhat torn.

The rules are as follows:
campaign rules wrote:It's going to be run from the book "Crusade of Fire" and we will be using the "Planetary Empires" as star map and platform for issuing challenges to opponents.
It's going to be team based.
As this is a campaign it's not going to be fair all of the time, but it will be fun non the less.
We will play in rounds on time where people will be able to get 1-2 battles done. Between rounds there will be time to get your head cleared and to get foods n drinks.
Army lists must be built from home and will require validation from other players to make sure no mistakes were made during army creation.

The lists are as follows:
For use as recon and/or in support of an ally
- No special characters
- No Heavy Support
- No allies
- HQ 0-1
- Troop 1-6
- Elite 0-2
- fast 0-2

Used for game two in a given round
- No allies

Standard list

- No FOC
- Titans allowed
- Formations allowed

General rules:
You can only have ONE ally for your army
They must be picked within reason
You can make as many different lists for each point group as you'd like to.
No fortifications for any of the lists.


May the galaxy burn!

We will be playing in teams and we will earn points in battle which can either be dedicated to the team effort or used on the personal score.
The team with the highest team score (derived from the points dedicated from the members) will be the victor and the player on that team with the highest personal score (the biggest scumbag :P) will be the winning player.

Now as you can see these rules are a bit restrictive.
My problems here are:
- No Heavy Support for 500pts list
- No fortifications
- I have no other w40k army so allies will be out of the question.

This means I'll have a hard time against flyers since I can't have a single model with skyfire :(
Also I have absolutely NO experience playing anything else than Tau, so even if I loan some models for an ally contingent I'd be uncomfortable playing.

My army supplies are also limited which is why I frown upon the no Heavy restriction.
You see, I have no Crisis Suits. I usually put my eggs in the Heavy basket and spice up with Stealth Suits and mounted Fire Warriors
I've got no Vespids either, but That will probably not hamper me anyway.
My only Forgeworld units are two Tetra Scout Speeders (and I love em!)
I do however have an Aun'va and I'm itching to bring him on the field, haven't played with him once :(

My questions to the ATT are then:
What do you think of this campaign structure?
I my self am not sure what to feel here. I generally don't like restrictions or alterations in general to the core rules and FOC.
But I am somewhat excited about a campaign in general.

What would you do with the 500pts list?
I think I just might be going with a troll list of 500pts mounted Fire Warriors, nothing else, just for the heck of it.
I usually win my low points games play playing "protect the Hammerhead" but with no Heavy, that'll be tough.

Also, would you dedicate your points to the team or your selves?
I'm playing with the idea of dedicating ALL my points to the team and then yelling "FOR THE GREATER GOOD!" when they announce the points.
(the dedication of points are done in secret, so no one knows how many points anyone but them selves have. They don't even know how many points their own team has.)

If it has any interest, this is the kind of list I like to play.
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Re: Need some thoughts on an upcoming campaign in my club.

Post#2 » Mar 08 2013 11:18

looks like fun!

I would say that tau players at least should have something with missiles, and access to pathfinders. pathfinders are the scouts of the tau'va, after all!

Hmmm, at the third part... I would go for a gung-ho attitude, awarding spare points to my allies whenever they need some, and instead go for low point-cost units like sniper drone teams, pathfinders, and go for high-mobility, long-range snipers, xv15 INFILs and generally a small, mobile army, and allow others to make up the bulk of the army. if I know who I will fight on the same team as, then I would take contact and coordinate my point and model distribution to give my team-mates better availabilities.

about your aun'va... aun are frowned upon as fighting units around. it would just take one, well-placed, sniper shot to take one out. and then you have half the army you just had. not good in larger battles.
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Re: Need some thoughts on an upcoming campaign in my club.

Post#3 » Mar 08 2013 11:31

When you say you have no crisis suits, do you mean besides the compulsory crisis commander?

No heavy support is restrictive, but remember that everyone else is playing by the same rules. So you can predict (to a degree) what sort of units your opponent will bring. A couple of deep striking stealth teams can ruin a transport's rear armor, and spammed firewarriors can glance some of the lighter transports to death.

I would take as many firewarriors as possible, then spread them out so you'll have better firing angles on any transports you meet.
You will likely have a hard time of it at the 500 pt level if you meet any AV12 (dreadnoughts come to mind). A fusion blaster on a piranha or stealth is your best bet here.
Firewarriors are actually ok at shooting flyers (as far as our codex is concerned). If you meet an AV12 flyer, you are toast, but that applies to most point levels for Tau anyways. We need our flyer bad...

Can you coordinate with your teammates beforehand for listbuilding? If so, then you can focus on anti-infantry and he can focus on anti-tank/flyer
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Re: Need some thoughts on an upcoming campaign in my club.

Post#4 » Mar 08 2013 11:55

I think I need to clarify, guess I wasn't clear enough.
List building is a personal affair and so are the battles.
IF one player is going to assist a team mate he will be using a 500pts list.

So I earn points (Victory points if you will) for the battles I play and hopefully win.
Those points I can either invest in my personal account and become the player on my team with the highest score.
Or I can invest them in the team so that my team can be the one with the highest team score.
The investments are hidden until the event is over, at which point we will see what team scored most, and then what player on that team is the winner.
This means that if I invest ALL my points on my self, my team might not get enough to beat the other teams. So even if I am the player in the entire campaign with the most points I will not be crowned the winner because my team didn't beat the others, because I didn't invest points on the team.
It's a fun feature. Personal gain vs team effort. With no team effort you will never win, but with no personal investment you will not be the supreme player.


Da Skyman:
I do have 2 crisis suit commanders. So yes I of course have the mandatory HQ.
But I will not have enough to make a team, a bodyguard or anything else.

The Aun'va I want mostly for sh** and giggles. And only in the appocalypse list.
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