How do you actually deal with AV14 ?

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Re: How do you actually deal with AV14 ?

Post#11 » Apr 15 2017 09:41

Another thing that hasn't been brought up - are you facing superheavy vehicles or not? They ignore all penetration results except for Explode!, and those only remove a further D3 hull points rather than blow the entire thing up.

Against non-superheavies, attacking with AP1 weapons (Fusion, Railguns) usually makes a big difference since for every Penetrating hit you get 1/3 chance to kill the vehicle outright. Against superheavies, AP1/2 doesn't make that big of a deal, and you might have better results with massed fire. It's why Y'vahra is so good despite its AP3. With maximum luck you can get 6 S8 hits, plus 6 haywires.

If you're up against a superheavy with poor rear armor, e.g. a Baneblade with 9HP and rear AV12, Fusion is not that much better than CIBs. A single Fusion hit takes (prob of rolling exactly 4)+(prob of rolling 5+)*(1+1/3*D3) hull points, which is 0.0833+(0.8333)*(1+1/3*2) =~ 1.472 in expectation. A single CIB hit takes 1/3 hull points, and you shoot three of them giving 1 hull point. So CIB hits are worse (obviously) against the Baneblade, but not by that much. And they have better range and are better against the rest of the army.

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Re: How do you actually deal with AV14 ?

Post#12 » Apr 16 2017 09:11

Good topic.
Recently had an Apocalypse game with oponent using combined Eldar and necrons VS Tau and Imperial knights. Really2 tough battle.

Necrons itself 1 obelisk and 1 tessaract is one of the main problems as all around AV14 AND living metal!

I did try it. Yep. RIPTIDE WING novacharge IA to str 9 ordnance...2 rounds of shootings from riptide hailfire.....well didnt do sh*t! We're talking super heavies here. All those wasted shots str9 ordnance.

LUCKILY, i have TAUNAR SUPREMACY at my disposal :) Hes the one that bring them down. D blast.

So my conclusion vs AV14 superheavies is Taunar. Multiple str 9 or 8 shots, with ordance or melta(which doesnt affect superheavies) wont do nothin but drop a few HP at best.

Another option is stormsurge. Bring the Heavy Retribution cadre. BUT bring drone net as well coz you those markerlights to boost to str D and up yr BS. At best you 8 str D shoots from 4 destroyer missiles from each SS.

Any other option would be the usual crisis bomb but really vs that much luck. Vs AV14 non super heavies prob melta will do the job but like i said superheavies not affected by melta shots.

Againts all other vehicles with low rear armor, OSC is the solution. 2 models of Ghostkeel as a unit in OSC formation will easily get the job done.

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Re: How do you actually deal with AV14 ?

Post#13 » Apr 18 2017 12:49

azlanpower wrote:melta(which doesnt affect superheavies)

Sure it does. You may be referencing an old rule - some googling led me to a page from 2014 where they are saying that rule is no longer in effect - but in 7th no such blanket exception exists for Superheavies.

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