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[Please Read!] Welcome To Tau Tactics

Posted: Oct 01 2013 11:50
by Support Drone
Welcome to Tau Tactics!

Introduction: Tau Tactics and You
Here at ATT, we foster the belief that all ideas have a kernel of value -- even the ones that might seem daft at first! This subforum is for the discussion of all tactics and strategies pertaining to the use of the Tau in Warhammer 40K. Folks newer to the game should feel free to ask questions here about established tactics or run their own ideas past more experienced players. We were all new to the game at one point, and it's only through playing games and asking questions that we can improve.

We value the open, supportive atmosphere we have here at ATT. Please be respectful and courteous when responding to others' ideas. Many new tactics and unit strategies have been born only after ideas were "bounced" back and forth between open-minded players. Sure, some configurations and units are better than others at certain tasks -- but keep in mind that other members might have differing priorities and playstyles. Disagreements will arise, but hopefully any difference-of-opinion includes an explanation about why and what might work better. In short, be excellent to each other!

Tau Tactics and the Creation of Academy Articles
The primary goal of the Tau Tactics subforum is to foster intelligent and thought-provoking tactical discussions. With this in mind, we also hope that some discussions will eventually become so well organized and fleshed out that they can be polished into a comprehensive final product -- an essay-length "Tactica" piece showcased in our Academy Articles subforum. Academy Articles are "capstone" essays that take in-depth looks at a specific unit or tactic. They are usually a collaborative effort, created only after weeks, even months, of discussion.

But while Academy Articles embody the excellence that Advanced Tau Tactica strives for, members should keep in mind that the creation of Tacticas or Articles is only one aspect of our website. The entire point of the Tau Tactics subforum is to foster open, supportive, and intelligent dialogue, and any question or idea that contributes to those three qualities is welcome. Members should not feel that every new thread in this subforum must invariably be crafted into an Academy Article, nor should they feel intimidated by pre-existing conversations on the topic. (Though, as always, please search before you post, and if applicable, try to post in relevant, pre-existing threads.)

Furthermore, the very concept of an ultimate be-all, end-all Academy Article is misleading. Tactical articles are a beginning, not an ending. Regardless of how well written an Academy Article is, no one essay can capture every aspect of a unit or tactic for all playstyles, for all potential enemies, and for all time. This has always been the case, but 6th Edition's emphasis on allies and on variable missions has made the game more unpredictable than ever.

Ultimately, Academy Articles are a tool -- nothing more, nothing less. The Tau Tactics subforum is designed to provide a place to cultivate the wisdom and intelligence necessary to use those tools.