Storm of Fire & Disembarking

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Storm of Fire & Disembarking

Post#1 » Mar 17 2017 08:11

In the latest strike team tactica article, it mentions that Ethereal powers don't affect strike teams on the turn they disembark. Uh, I don't get it.

Initial condition (start of turn):
One or more strike/breacher teams are riding in Devilfish, one of which has an Ethereal in it. The transports aren't necessarily < 12" away from each other.

- At the beginning of the movement phase, the controlling player calls out Storm of Fire for the Ethereal.
- During the movement phase, all of the strike/breacher teams and the Ethereal disembark, such that all of the team members are now within 12" away from dear leader. The Ethereal naturally ends up joining (one of) the team(s).
- All of the strike/breacher team members can now unload 3x shots at 1/2 range in their shooting phase.
- On the next turn, the enemy declares an assault on a strike team which is now < 12" away from the Ethereal, but was > 12" away at the start of this example.
- The strike team returns fire, getting +1 shot at the enemy, who is < 15" away at the start of their charge

Right? What's the interaction that prevents this? I read the Invocation of the Elements rule and don't see any reason why this wouldn't work the way I outlined. The bubble of the effect surrounds the Ethereal, no matter how he moves, it doesn't look like it attaches to the units in range at the time he invoked it.

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Re: Storm of Fire & Disembarking

Post#2 » Mar 18 2017 02:55

The issue is the specific wording of the FAQ answer on this

"No, non-psychic powers such as those described cannot be used by models embarked upon a Transport unless specifically noted otherwise"

So the Ethereal cannot invoke any of his/her powers because at the start of the movement phase they are embarked on the transport and the powers cannot be used. We have discussed this issue and we have really found no way round this.

I agree that if you simply read the codex you could conclude otherwise, as many of us did prior to the FAQ coming out.

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