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Tau combat tips and tricks

Post#1 » Jun 23 2017 03:32

Feel free to share your spiffy little tips and tricks here!

- You can intercept hits on longstrike with crisis bodyguards (it's only an extra 3 points/model). Drones can then intercept the wounds for the bodyguard. It's cheese to the max but it works.

-If your opponent has deep strike reserves, disembark a tiny unit of drones from a vehicle (or send out another units accompanying drones) and send them strait outward (to the sides). The tiny unit of two models will prevent them from deep striking near your main force, preventing a possible melee combat that would otherwise obliterate the melee weak Tau. Worst case scenario you loose 2 drones and have time to nuke them on the following turn.

-Force your opponent to target your drones. They will quickly learn that drones can intercept hits for most of your units. Make sure each unit of drones has a shield drone or two and they will live a lot longer than you think. I recently played a 1500 point 5 round game and lost only drones and 3 crisis suits.

-Hide drones behind a building and put your suits in front of it. They will have to target the much tougher suits, and you'll still only lose drones. This is extremely frustrating when you do this with a Ghostkeel or bigger suit.

-keep a single commander or two in reserves for objective games. Drop them on an objective as needed, then book it (super easy to do with coldstar suits). Coldstar suits are also good to fly to objectives because of the +20" advance.
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