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Post#19 » Aug 08 2017 07:33

Finghain wrote:TEQ with Storm Shield (T4 2+/3++ with 2W) and possibly MEQ with SS as well

Added them along with Gulyman.

The other thing I've added is calculations for close combat ranged attacks (Pistol weapons along with a single melee weapon, takes the default melee attack into account). Setting your range to 0-1" will show the calculations for that.

Finghain wrote: maybe add a row where you can input T/AS/INV/W yourself

While adding in calculations for a custom target wouldn't be that hard, I've been thinking about how you would enter those values in the UI. Particularly with regard to specifying vehicle/monster/character/etc keywords against a target (as thats why so many columns are in the table). Its gets a bit complicated quite quickly.

I'm thinking of implementing tabs on the page, with everything from the range slider down on the first tab and the second tab being inputs/checkboxes for a custom target that gets displayed in the table on the first tab.
What do people think?
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