Pathfinders: Ion Rifles or Rail Rifles (or none)

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Re: Pathfinders: Ion Rifles or Rail Rifles (or none)

Post#37 » Jul 22 2017 09:58

Kilazar wrote:
Panzer wrote:I still don't get why Pathfinder should drive as close as Breacher to do their job, but sure why not. :D

In my 5breacher 5pf w/3 rail rifle single fish, I abuse the way you can exit the vehicle. Breachers exit and get within the 5 inch range (so exit front) and the PF's exit rear and get to max rapid fire range for the rails. The recon drone sits inbetween the two units if it gets out as well.

So yes the fish is flying "breacher close" but you have 9 inches worth of movement and the fish itself is 5 inches long. So you can keep a decent distance from the enemy.

I was looking at running a similar unit, except I thought of using 5 Pathfinders with rails, a fireblade and 6 gun drones, including the 2 drones from the fish when they pop out they get 48 shots backed by the rapid firing railrifles all in one nice little package, you can even deploy the drones to soak up wounds for the finders after they get out.

Drop them onto an objective/into cover to clear someone out and set up a nice 30 inch threat range that no one wants to get near!

I'm now considering pairing them with a second fish with Strider and some breachers for some really fun shenanigans.

I used a squad of 10 Pathfinders with 3 rails and 2 marker drones in a local tournament recently, I had a missile pod and DC commander babysit them and add 2 of his own drones and I found myself calling montka on first turn a lot to get the number of marker hits I needed. The rails did some pretty heavy lifting for me, taking some serious wounds off a wraithlord that got in range, killing 2 nob bikers in a single round of rapid fire, and even when I put them against a wave serpent they managed to strip 6 wounds off in 3 turns. Even though their flimsy their points are very easily made back with the right targets, and your opponent generally has a lot more pressing matters to concern themselves with then some backfield pathfinders.

looking forward to trying them in my front lines.

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Re: Pathfinders: Ion Rifles or Rail Rifles (or none)

Post#38 » Jul 24 2017 06:13

I am considering a list in which I run three pathfinder units. All five man, and one with three Ion rifles. I normally just run with fifteen markerlights for straight coverage/reliability, but I see some upside to this and want to try it out. Tactical options are manifold. If I don't have first turn (the list has ten deployments at 1500pts), they are a screen, distraction, or an objective. If I have first turn, they can either support other markerlights (three shots will likely give you at least one hit), or be another creditable source of fire. The thing that makes it viable is the economy of it. I don't think you could ask for a better deal.

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Re: Pathfinders: Ion Rifles or Rail Rifles (or none)

Post#39 » Aug 08 2017 04:49

This weekend I played a tournament and I have to say pathfinders gave a "Mild good performance".

The extra ap was nice when hitting vehicles and some deepstikers but overall it was not game changing but they served a function of being the backline support that could be cheap enough as a screening unit, lay some fire power, and enough of a distraction to sometimes be worthy of a threat.

I would not say ions are an auto take but if you need some more long range support for your deep strike army without forking out points I would recommend these guys.

Experience summary
- It was able to put out a semi reliable wound when I did not want to dedicate an anti tank for overkill.
- Extremely cheap weapon so great as a point filler to contend with marker lights or drones
- Bang for buck with some threat so people will be targeting guns at this to kill a 12 point models possibly saving your bigger more threatening units.

- Not a game changer and a weapon you can rely on.
- Low damage so don't expect it to pull miracles.
- a Rapid fire weapon stuck with marker lights so you can't advance with these weapons and have great marker light support.

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