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[Resource] Mathhammer Excel Workbook

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I dusted off my excel skills and went to work creating an Excel workbook to aid in force composition for 8th edition. The Workbook is available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxEmu ... FM4Mms3S3M

The Google Drive view of the workbook does not allow you to make changes or selections, it must be downloaded. I have only tested the workbook in Excel 2010. I do not know if it works in Open Office, or another freebie excel viewer.

Some basics to get you started:
In the top left corner of the Squad & Weapon Analysis worksheet is a drop down menu that allows you to select what you are shooting at. This list can be added to, or modified on the Lists worksheet.

Below the 'Target Unit Type' is another grey box with a drop down menu. Here you can select the Key to sort data by. Currently the choices are: Unit Type, Role, Shooter BS, Grouping (my own thing), Unit Name, and Weapon Name. These selections correspond to the 6 columns immediately to the right. At the top of each of these is a sort button that allows quick arrangement of data, always sorted from lowest to highest. Next we have the color coded columns. These columns can be sorted by the Key you selected on the far left and then that column using the 'Key & XXX' button in each header cell. These columns are also sortable by just the values themselves using the 'Sort' button. The color codes represent: BEST < Blue - Green - Yellow - Orange - Red > WORST

To check what Troop choice is best at killing MEQ units I would select MEQ in the 'Target Unit Type' drop down, then select Role in the cell directly below that (the Key), then press the 'Key & KPU' button to sort the data in the 'Kills per Unit' column first by 'Role', then kills. Scrolling down I see the top rated Troop for killing MEQs is a Breacher with a Pulse Blaster at Close range. This brings us to the funky highlights. These are weapon firing modes that have a unique circumstance to be met to use, or do bad things to us. (Have to be within 5 inches, Half range, overcharged and can hurt us, etc.) Weapons with no highlight are just the plain Jane usage rules.

Of note:
Not all weapon combos are represented. You will have to add those up yourself, adjusting model & weapon count accordingly. This is a benchmark tool, nothing more. Spreadsheets are not meant to be databases. It would be nice to have a database program to dig further into the numbers, but I'd rather paint. Just the basics Ma'am.

Points per kill will be skewed for models with multiple and different weapons. EG Stormsurge. The model base is included and only the weapon firing is listed. Sometimes this actually helps when determining how effective a specific weapon on a model is, sometimes not.

Railguns do not have the Mortal Wound on a 6 factored in yet. Off the hip guesstimate, railguns on Longstrike will offer up .28 mortal wounds, a rail rifle around .08 mortal wounds.

As I think of more I'll update here and in the file itself.


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