Review of Units for Competitive List

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Re: Review of Units for Competitive List

Post#19 » Aug 10 2017 06:14

Yes, but the datasheet also include a section saying you deploy as one unit, but from there on the unit is treated as a separate unit - rendering the "This unit" statement more or less invalid - or so I read it.

To me, it is clearly a rules as intended versus a rules as (not so clearly) written type of discussion.
For the Greater Good, rules as intended is applied.

Lets not be THAT guy who chooses badly worded rules exploits to win.

Edit: Regarding Longstrike and Tank Hunter Ace, true.

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Re: Review of Units for Competitive List

Post#20 » Aug 10 2017 06:26

But then they wouldn't have the Saviour Protocol rule either. You can't cherry pick rules from a Datasheet lol

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Re: Review of Units for Competitive List

Post#21 » Aug 11 2017 05:50

sorry...typing mistake...reroll to hit of 1 with ethereals.

for me i look at the quality ofthe games rather than rule lawyering. Many times i am not aware of many of my opponent's special rule ....especially with the new edition, but when i felt something is overpowered or makes the game broken, i will check the rule to see if it is interpreted the right way. a vanguard move for pathfinder drones is hardly game breaking. I don't win because of them. The only significant thing out of them so far is the grav inhibitor drones which is very situational as well. SO yes i don't think it feels like cheating and none of my opponent complained about it. Most of the hate is directed at y'vahra first then once they understand tau then they hate the drones and the commander more.

Just play what makes sense, and try to think about the gaming experience more than just the rules. Those rules can be faq'ed fast by gw. so what if it is a supersonic still got 1 wound t4 and 4+ one is complaining and wont win the game. gun drones on the other hand....those are nasty and rightly so.

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