[Phase 1] The 8th Edition Academy Project Introduction and Table of Contents

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[Phase 1] The 8th Edition Academy Project Introduction and Table of Contents

Post#1 » Aug 13 2017 09:26

Tau'Va Commanders and members of the other castes. I would like to begin to lay out the ground work for a project that we were only beginning to start thanks to Ell'ran at the end of 7th Edition. As some of the older members of the forum may remember, we had a very comprehensive guide to many topics in our Academy Articles Sub-Forum back in 5th Edition. These ranged from complete game overviews and breakdowns of our various unit entries and war-gear, to tactical strategies using different combinations of units (such as the Fish of Fury).

Now, it's still too early to really begin drafting articles at this moment in 8th because we are still learning and discovering new things, plus we are still awaiting our new codex, which should be in our hands no later than the end of 2018. However, now is a good time to start organizing topics as some are disappearing quickly under the heavy posting traffic we've been getting over the past few months. I have done a search through all our topics dating back to the launch of 8th Edition to create this table of Contents.

This brings me to the purpose of this thread. This thread will serve as a quick reference to what topics of discovery we have on-going to various units and tactics. These articles will be very useful once we start [Phase 2] for looking at the information that we have compiled here at ATT and will be the source material for many of these articles. Please note that if I have overlooked a thread, feel free to PM me or post it in this thread and I will update the Table of Contents. Also, feel free to start topics on units and war-gear that do not have a dedicated thread as of yet. The more information we can gather, the better our Academy articles will be. Our goal for the Academy is to have the best and most Advanced Tau Tactica on the internet.

Table Of Contents

Unit Entries


-Commanders and XV8s - What loadouts will you bring in 8th Edition?
-Deploying the QFC - what's the best way?
-4 x CIB on a Commander is FUN
-Danger Close Support

-Rising Star: Cold Star Commander In 8th Edition


Cadre Fireblade
-Fireblade's volley fire with drones
-Cadre Fireblades: Our true Markerlights

Commander Farsight

Commander Shadowsun
-Shadowsun vs fusion commander



-Darkstrider + Stealth Suits
-Uses for Darkstrider

-Longstrike Tank Ace
-An interesting application of Longstrike's hull shape and terrain.
-Keeping Longstrike Alive

-Shas'o R'alai v. Missile Pod/DC Commander



Striker Team

Breacher Team
-Breachers are still good

Kroot Carnivores
-Kroot Carnivores article - early preview

Drone Sentry Turret


Kroot Shaper

Kroot Krootox Riders

Firesight Marksman
-8th Ed Firesight Marksmen (without Sniper Drones)

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits
-Stealth Suit Deployment - Infiltrate
-8th edition Stealthsuits
-Stealthsuits for Markerlights (8e)

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits
-8th edition crisis suits
-XV8s - What to take with CIBs
-XV8s - From Theory to Tabletop
-XV8 Flamer Discussion

XV8 Crisis Bodygaurds

XV89 Crisis Battlesuits

XV84 Crisis Battlesuits

XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuits
-Tau Ghostkeel....is it a viable option>?

XV104 Riptide Battlesuits
-RIP riptide

Fast Attack

Kroot Hounds

Pathfinder Team
-Pathfinders: Ion Rifles or Rail Rifles (or none)
-Pathfinder Drones - Look better on paper?
-Pathfinders, the unsung heroes.
-Grav Inhibitor Drones

Pathfinder Tetras
-Tetras - worth it?

TX4 Piranhas

TX42 Piranhas

Tactical Drones
-Drones on 8th : Which ones/where?
-Marker drones and you
-Why 8th Gun Drons as OP
-How will you use Shield Drones, post-FAQ?

Vespid Stingwings
-Vespid Stingwings article - early preview

XV9 Battllesuits
-XV9 Hazard Support Team - 8th ed. discussion
-Xv9 with DBBC is anything better point for point?

XV109 Y'Varha Battlesuit
-Fresh from Forge World - XV109 Y'vahra for 8th!

Heavy Support

MV71 Sniper Drones
-A use for sniper drones?
-Sniper Drones, hitting on +3?

TX78 Sky Ray Gunship

TX7 Hammerhead Gunship

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits
-Broadsides in 8e
-XV88 Broadsides in 8th ?
-Not taking Missile Drones on Broadsides?

XV107 R'Verna

Heavy Gun Drones
-Heavy gun drones in 8e


AX3 Razor Shark Strike Fighter

AX39 Sun Shark Bomber
-Let's talk about the Sun Shark

AX52 Barracuda
-Barracuda viable?

Remora Drone Stealth Fighters

Tiger Shark
-Airwings and the Tiger Shark Fighter-Bomber


Dedicated Transport

TY7 Devilfish Transport

Lord of War

KV128 Stormsurge
-What's the best support systems for a stormsurge?
-Stormsurge stabilizing anchors and destroyer missiles
-Stormsurge PBC uses

KX139 Ta'Unar Supremacy Armour


Tidewall Droneport
-Droneport and pathfinders

Tidewall Shieldline
-8th Edition - Tidewall Fortifications
-Tidewall and Piranha thoughts.
-Shieldline rule and dice roll rules.

Tidewall Gunrig

Sensor Tower

War Gear
-Support Turrets in 8th Edition
-Fire warrior pulse pistols?
-Gunslinger pathfinders or other infantry units
-Pulse Carbines almost useless
-8th Ed: Cyclonic Ion Blaster vs Burst Cannon
-Photon Grenades -- What's the Point?
-Mathhammer - Markerlight Sources
-Markerlight sources and their accuracy
-Know your Support Systems.
-Homing beacon question
-Seeker Missiles
-FAQ UPDATE: ATS now a must include on Suits?
-Multi-Tracker Clarification
-Early Warning Override

Warlord Traits
-Warlord Traits


-The MantaCore
-Modified Fish of Fury Tactic?
-My battleplan...
-Combat Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Tau

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Re: [Phase 1] The 8th Edition Academy Project Introduction and Table of Contents

Post#2 » Aug 14 2017 04:22

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