Crisis and Stealth Suit Loadouts

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Re: Crisis and Stealth Suit Loadouts

Post#19 » Sep 06 2017 09:50

Panzer wrote:A 4++ on a two wound model is great...if they actually had weapons to be a threat without having to take ATS.

I think the point Deathboon is trying to express is that to a knowledgeable opponent their threat level is more due to their homing beacon than their weapons as long as there is a suitably threatening unit in reserve to call in.

Also, them being smite magnets might not be a horrible thing. The 18 inch range of Smite means those nasty psykers are going to be relatively close to begin with. With careful positioning you may be able to call in a Anti-Infantry Crisis Team to target their bubble wrap. With even better positioning you may be able to target the character itself with that same Anti-Infantry Team.

Thinking farther, a unit of Sniper Drones would also serve great right behind a Stealth Team to threaten Psykers trying to come in for the Smite. That may turn into a pretty effective synergy.

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Re: Crisis and Stealth Suit Loadouts

Post#20 » Sep 06 2017 11:30

deathboon wrote:So I was just reading through the index and I saw something that I previously missed, and something I'm not sure was possible in previous codices.

Has anyone considered the effectiveness of shield generators on stealth suits?

I just took shield generators on full squads of stealth suits with 2 shield drones each during the NOVA Open Apoc game. I needed to since the IoM had a guaranteed first turn, but I need the homing beacons to get my QFC into melta range on a bunch of super-heavies.

It worked really really REALLY well. About 3000 pts (maybe more) shot at them, and they survived. My 4 QFC got in and popped a Necron Pylon (the fact they were on the IoM side was slightly annoying) and a Shadowsword first turn. That left my Manta and Tigershark A-X-1 able to target and destroy a warhound and a knight on the other side of the table. Because of those early kills, my Manta ended the game dropping 30+ troops onto a winning objective with 46 out of 60 wounds remaining, while my Tigershark never even got touched.

All of that being said, it may be a bit overkill for a 2000pt game. I have never had a problem keeping stealth teams around long enough o do their jobs in standard games.
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