7Th Ed Coldstar Cmdr Drone Port and Skyray

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7Th Ed Coldstar Cmdr Drone Port and Skyray

Post#1 » Aug 24 2017 09:40


So my gaming group is not switching to 8th yet. So I need some feed back on this combo.

Drone port drones attached to a coldstar cmdr to flank.

And a skyray gun ship. Am I correct that once the drones attach to the unit they also fly?


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Re: 7Th ed coldstar cmdr drone port and skyray

Post#2 » Aug 25 2017 02:20

The Drones do not. Only the Drones purchased as part of the Coldstar's unit entry disappear/reappear when he flies around. The drones from the port are treated like any other squad that a character could join, which means you must unattach from the squad before flying away.

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