Imperial Guard Tactics

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Imperial Guard Tactics

Post#1 » Oct 19 2017 04:22

The new IG codex is about to drop. They are already very strong I find, but this looks extra nasty.

Double Shot Leman Russ tanks, detachment special rules, across the board point reductions all look savage.

In the past I have found that my lists are loaded with FB/CIB/Coldstar commanders and Yvahra to deal with the tanks

What have people found to be effective vs IG?

Do we think anything will change in the future in terms of how we deal with them?

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Re: Imperial Guard Tactics

Post#2 » Oct 19 2017 04:27

The Astra Militarum Codex already dropped. ;)

And yes they are extremely strong. Played against a full tank list two weeks ago and was honestly surprised how many T8 tanks with serious dakka they could bring in a 1.5k game .... except for the wyverns of course, which weren't really my main concern anyway.
Not much I could do against it with an all-comers list. Can't wait to play against an Infantry based list next when I learn that I have too many Fusion Blaster in my list. :nice:

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