How to deal with turn 1 Assault units?

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Re: How to deal with turn 1 Assault units?

Post#19 » Nov 02 2017 11:00

Arka0415 wrote:This is definitely a good idea, if you're playing gunline. However, it feels restrictive, or maybe that's just me. Now we have three Grav Drones, which means corresponding small drone squads to accompany each Grav Drone, and three corresponding min-sized Pathfinder squads as the tax for those, that's already 200 points of Pathfinders and drones that are limited to operating in your gunline, and not buried in cover or in buildings where they should be. You'd better bring a lot of Fire Warriors or Gun Drones to make that investment worthwhile.

You do not really need drone squads to accompany the Grav Drones if you do not want. You can't get much more MSU than single model drone units.

Whether you regard Pathfinders as a tax is entirely a matter of your playstyle. I find them a very flexible and useful unit that merit inclusion regardless of taking drones. You deploy them where you want the drones and then use their pre-game move to get them into cover where they belong - leaving them out in the open is usually not required. You have to deploy half your army in Matched play and other than Kroot nothing else can match the mobility of Pathfinders ahead of a turn 1 assault - movement characteristic does not matter if you get assaulted before your first movement phase. Not that Pathfinders have a bad movement characteristic really :D

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