Going against the nids

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Re: Going against the nids

Post#19 » Nov 07 2017 03:05

AleksandrGRC wrote:Um. Just responding to another tau player that might want nids as a second army because i relate to deki.. Sorry my small paragraph ruined your emersion into this thread.

Don't worry, your contribution was totally relevant. Do you still play Tyranids? Now that you have an Index army and a Codex army, I'm sure the Codex army sounds more fun :D

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Re: Going against the nids

Post#20 » Nov 07 2017 03:34

I stopped playing during most of my 20s. Gave away all my half collected poorly painted armies. Now that im re collecting. I only have tau so far. i considered getting nids but my friend went all nids/ cults/imperial and since i mostly play just him since restarting , it didnt seem the thing to do anymore. I might still even just for diorama purposes.
Until next year though ive curbed my GW spending to awesome deals i see on kijiji. See what this new tau relase atila is talking about where my money might go.
though i think all the way back to that picture and i know i want to collect them :).

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