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Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 09 2017 03:45
by Kerrygan
What about these?
I love the idea of field some kind of turret network full of missiles and guns firing with their AI and doing some zap zap.
And also some sensors here and there, shooting markers and their electronics buzzing.
Imagine a battlefield with 8 o 9 Sentry Turret and 3 Sensor Towers. It wouldn't look wonderful?
So, are Turrets and Towers viables in their respective field of action?

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 09 2017 04:08
by Beerson
not quite sure what you talk about, as long as I remember there are no such things in Forge World, though I don't have their codex so I can't check,

the only turret and tower in index are DS8 and Gunring, so let's talk about these

DS8 turret can only be taken with strike or breacher squads, so fielding large amount of them is not practical, can be deployed once and is lost as soon as the squad moves away, which usually means you get to use it 1-2 rounds, and generaly is not worth taking unless you have some well thought plan in your mind

Gunring is quite awkward as is right now, it's not that bad, but same as DS8, it just ain't worth taking in most cases, and it's quite pricy (cash) for a model you would use only situationaly in non-competitive games

maybe our new codex will see them getting more viable, or perhaps next month's chapter approved, but I wouldn't hold my breath

If you want some AI zap-zap, you should look at drones, unlike turrets they are mobile, so they actually fit our army and they bring lot of fun to the table with their lovely synergies with other drones or other tau units:

unlike rest, drone units can actually take shield drones inside the unit which gives them nice survivability

they can tank big, multi-wound shots for our more important and costly units

they can have their BS increased by a nearby model with drone controler

they can deepstrike with suits

they have fly keyword allowing them to jump away from combat or overcome dangerous terrain

they can bring their own markerlights

gun drones can be buffed by fireblade to shoot two extra shots at half range

gun drones can benefit from MV33 Grav-inhibitor Drone to avoid damage in combat and or get more overwatch shooting rounds

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 09 2017 04:12
by QimRas
Forge World has automated turrets. How viable though is a question, and I am not aware of anyone who uses them. Sorry mate.

Also, for some reason this made me think of a tower defense game.

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 09 2017 04:59
by Harkus959
I don't know about viable, but it would make for a really cool board to play on. I remember a white dwarf battle report that had a section of the board modelled as a trench and bunker network (it was the apocalypse battle report from the issue when the stompa was released I think?) and ever since then I've always wanted to make a board like that.

Forge World make the Drone Turrets and Sensor Towers, but the standard line of GW models and rules has the Tidewall Fortifications which sound like they'd fit the look you're going for too. Hovering trench lines and bunkers, automated railgun turrets, and docking bays for various kinds of drones.

I kind of want to put together a list to represent a T'au forward base now :D thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 09 2017 05:13
by Kerrygan
Beerson wrote:not quite sure what you talk about, as long as I remember there are no such things in Forge World, though I don't have their codex so I can't check,

Thank you for your reply.
I'm talking about the Sentry Turret and the Sensor Tower from the Imperial Armour: Xenos. (The same of the XV109, f.i.).

Harkus959 wrote:I don't know about viable, but it would make for a really cool board to play on.

Hello again, Harkus. Totally! Imagine a board full of towers and drones!
I'm thinking now in a mission where the automatic system defends some kind of relic, and there are plenty of neutral Towers and Turrets attacking both players :D

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 09 2017 05:46
by Panzer
Never bothered looking at those in 8th but this thread kinda forced me to. :D
Mmh. It would surely look interesting on the board, but it's overall very weak imo.

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 10 2017 12:12
by Emberkahn
Sadly the turrets aren't good. Anything they can do, drones can do better (This very much seems to be the mantra for this edition). Immobility and short range is a bad combination in this edition. Enemies just shoot you out of range, and most deidcated CC units often have a threat range above 18"

The Network Markerlight Sentry in turn also straight up loses to a Tetra, which is just as expensive and tough etc with the same firepower. These in turn tend to lose to pathfinders.

The railgun turret actually looks super interesting, given it has 2 shots. But sadly the BS just makes it worse than a hammerhead.

Moral of the story, Tau turrets are fluffy, not crunchy.

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 10 2017 08:05
by K'Pokk
A while back I bought the turret (with dual missile pods) from FW, made myself a sensor tower from a small lightsabre model, and scratchbuilt a round bunker with 360 degree viewport for firewarriors - made from a shallow-domed push-on light I found in poundland. I'm very happy with how they turned out.

All just for the fluff of course. The 3 models make for a small base or isolated outpost that has been part of various scenarios I've played with friends.

As for rules, see the FW Xeno/Tau index. The sensor tower has a high intensity markerlight and can buff the shooting of either the drone sentry turret or the troops inside the bunker within 6". For the bunker I'm going to use the droneport rules found in the Tau index but just not move the thing around.

The setup is not effective if you grind the maths but looks great and fun to put on the table :)

Re: Turret and Tower

Posted: Nov 14 2017 07:58
by Sholto
I have four of the turrets and three of the sensor towers, and have used them several times over various editions of 40k. They have certainly been better in previous editions than their current rules, however!

The turrets used to be good mobile terrain that could be deepstruck with precision, and the sensor towers used to offer all kinds of buffs to nearby troops.

Currently their rules are not great, but they still look awesome on the table :)

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