Combat Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Tau

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Re: Combat Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Tau

Post#19 » Dec 04 2017 01:20

Rayscarnage wrote:
The homing beacon would not work for the simple fact that if an ennemy unit is within 9'' the homing beacon is destroyed.... So you could have a model at 3.000001'' inch at max of an ennemi with a beacon.

re-read the rule for Homingbeacon :)

".. Homing beacons are deactivated and removed from the battlefield if an enemy model ends a move within 9" of it."

In your turn their should be (almost none) enemy movement so they could end up within 9", so if you use it up in your own movement pahse you'll have no problems.

Wow! even better than I tought! Thanks! Sorry for the mistake! :D

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Re: Combat Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Tau

Post#20 » Dec 04 2017 04:54

Draaen wrote:Diagrams are on my to do list for this article especially since it is based more around how things move. Although it will be after I finish painting my secret santa model for our club. Kroot hounds are definitely an exception to the rule for Tau. I don't have the models so I can't speak to in game experiences but stat line to cost wise they look really good at actually hurting people in melee.

I love running Kroot Hounds in units of 8 or so. Big enough to finish off a weakened unit or to tie up a tank for a turn or two but not so big that they evaporate too badly to Morale - their leadership is terrible. They are hardly the best assault unit in the game but the fact that T'au have a tolerable assault unit is remarkable. They are ideally suited to clearing light infantry such as Scouts or Eldar Rangers off objectives.

On balance and against most opposition the best assault unit my games so far is the Shield Drone. It is not there to hurt anything but they are just so durable for their points and decently mobile for getting across the table. Drop some in along with XV8's using a Homing Beacon and tie down the unit that wanted to shoot or counter-charge your valuable unit. That they are also the cheapest durable unit for grabbing mid-table objectives is a bonus.

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