Open / narrative allies shenanigans

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Open / narrative allies shenanigans

Post#1 » Dec 28 2017 08:46

So in matched all units have to have a matching faction keyword.

In open and narrative the same is only true of a detachment your army can include units of any factions.

An interesting wording on an astra millitarum stratagem take cover.

When an enemy selects a friendly unit as a target in the shooting phase. That unit gets +1 to saving throws until the end of the phase.

It specifically doesn't state astra millitarum you can use it on any unit, so take a small detachment for the ability to unlock AM stratagems and troll with a 3++ om your Stormsurge or get your biggest troll face out for a 2++ Riptide with nova reactor :eek: :P

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