Volley Fire (Fireblade) and Ambushes & Faints (Hunter Cadre)

A review of Rules of Engagement from earlier encounters.
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Volley Fire (Fireblade) and Ambushes & Faints (Hunter Cadre)

Post#1 » Oct 23 2016 06:33

Good afternoon!

While reviewing the Hunter Cadre's formation benefits, it struck me that the Fireblade's Volley Fire special rule had a very specific wording:

If the Cadre Fireblade, and ever model in his unit, remains stationary in the Movement phase, their pulse rifles and pulse carbines each fire an additional shot in the Shooting phase.

Ambushes and Faints allows units to run, then shoot, so long as they meet certain requirements (which are necessarily met when you have a Fireblade in your unit).

...May as well ask this as well since it is related to 2.a. and 2.b. A Tidewall Shieldline states that models on it "are treated as being stationary for the purposes of firing weapons[.]"

I have a few questions:

1. Was Volley Fire changed in the 7th edition Tau Empire codex to include Pulse blasters, or does Volley Fire only work with the stated pulse rifles and carbines?

2.a. By RAW, do they interact how I'm imagining? Specifically, could a squad of Fire Warriors with pulse rifles that was lead by a Fireblade stay stationary in the Movement phase, run in the shooting phase, and still get the extra shot through Volley Fire?

2.b. By RAI, should they interact as stated above?

3. Does "for the purposes of firing weapons" on the Tidewall include special rules like Volley Fire that modify the qualities of weapons?


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Re: Volley Fire (Fireblade) and Ambushes & Faints (Hunter Cadre)

Post#2 » Oct 23 2016 08:09

1. Same rule. Pulse blasters get nothing from Fireblade. Darkstrider is the best option to go with Breachers

2a. Yes. Fireblade's rule work as good with Ambushes and Feints, because the unit remained stationary in the movement phase.

2b. Yes, why not? You ran in the shooting phase.

3. Now that's a tricky question. I'd say yes, because relentless and heavy weapon rules interact more or less in the same manner.

Relentless special rule says this: "...counting as stationary, even if they moved in the previous movement phase."

Heavy weapon rule says this: "...if a model carrying a heavy weapon moved in the preceding movement phase, he can fire it in the shooting phase but only as snap shots."

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Re: Volley Fire (Fireblade) and Ambushes & Faints (Hunter Cadre)

Post#3 » Oct 24 2016 04:33

As the rule specifically talks about being stationary in the movement phase instead of...well...let's say being stationary this turn I see no problem.

You only have to decide if you want to run+shoot or the +1BS if combining fire if you are playing with a whole Hunter Contingent.

RAW and RAI are the same on that one: You have some units hiding behind a shieldwall which is able to move. I see what the rulewriters had in mind by writing this. And the exact wording underlines that: treated being stationary for shooting purposes. Volley Fire is a shooting purpose :D

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Re: Volley Fire (Fireblade) and Ambushes & Faints (Hunter Cadre)

Post#4 » Mar 11 2017 11:40

Need clarifications...
volley fire gives an additional shot...
so if i'm in rapid fire range, how many shots do i get?

E.g. 5 firewarriors + 1 fireblade with volley fire shooting....
i) not in rapid fire range = 12 shoots
ii) in rapid fire range = 24 shoots? Or 18 shoots?

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Re: Volley Fire (Fireblade) and Ambushes & Faints (Hunter Cadre)

Post#5 » Mar 11 2017 05:25

One additional shot does not mean one additional shooting.
So its 18 shots. 2 shots from rapid fire and the additional shot from volley fire.

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