Air Superiority without dogfight

A review of Rules of Engagement from earlier encounters.
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Air Superiority without dogfight

Post#1 » Dec 20 2016 06:08

Hi there,

One big question for me according the death from the sky supplement.
As air superiority is determined at the end of the dogfight phase and the dogfight phase only takes place when two appropriate flyers are in reserve, do i have air superiority when my oponent brings no flyer or not?

Cheers Pinselaeffchen

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Re: Air Superiority without dogfight

Post#2 » Dec 21 2016 05:44

The first step of the dogfight phase is to determine whether or not there will actually be a dogfight. If not, the dogfight phase ends.

So, yes. You can have Air Superiority even if your opponent brings no fliers. You might want to talk to your opponent, though. If they bring no fliers they may not be jazzed about playing a DftS game.

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