Space wolves help

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Space wolves help

Post#1 » Jan 18 2018 10:12

Hey there gang!

I'm having a few issues against a friend who plays spacewolves, particularly with the squads of wulfen he runs. They start the game either using the 'on the hunt' stratagem (come from reserves from a table edge) or in either his land raider or stormwolf.

Their ability to advance and charge, and to reroll charges allows them to make up ground so quickly, and he's started putting a couple of storm shields in each squad- 3++ and 5+ FNP makes them pretty hardy. And when they get to combat they are regularly deleting full crisis teams and accompanying drones per turn.

Anyone else had similar issues against these guys or similar units, and have any tactical ideas to get rid of them?
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Re: Space wolves help

Post#2 » Jan 18 2018 10:35

I have a friend in my local group who does the same thing. He either outflanks them or runs them in a Stormwolf transport. Luckily the rest of his normal list isn't too deadly.

I have faced him numerous times, and although both of our lists constantly change, he always includes at least one squad of Wulfen with 2 Stormshields. Here are the things I have had success with.

Strategy 1
Pop the transport before he can drop them then concentrate fire on the Wulfen.
For this I use the following combo.

Stealth Suits with Homing Beacon and Drone Controller
Markerlight Source (I like to use a Tidewall Droneport with a CADRE inside, but it's up to you)

With this configuration (assuming your Droneport lasts the first turn) you can still put 5 markerlights on his flyer at 2+ to hit with a DC nearby. That allows the QFC to hit on 2+ rerolling. Think about spending a CP reroll and your relic reroll here if you roll poorly to wound. At <8 inches, you should be taking that Stormwolf down no problem. Make sure you've positioned other forces to be able to get at the disembarked Wulfen. This strategy also works for the Lnadraider version but may take more shots to crack but needs less markerlight support.

Strategy 2
Try to deny the charge
This combo requires some specialty stuff and a lot of baiting.

Pathfinder team with full drone support
Any number of Hazard Suits required (I go with at least 3)

If your opponent likes to use the outflank rule, you can overload one side with juicy targets while deploying a single worthless firewarrior team on the other flank to block off and 9" gaps. Generally, he will want to try to take something out that is worth a lot of points first turn. So leave a gap on your flank where he can come in, and deploy your Hazards in such a way that they must be charged. They give you a -2 to charge range. Also try to sneak your grav drone in there. This will give you another -D3 and almost assuredly block the charge. This strategy will only work once unless your opponent is a slow learner.

Strategy 3
Shoot them during his turn!

Stormsurge with EWO

This was the 3rd strategy I used against him. I made a similar trap on a flank but made sure to place all of my Hazards and Grav drones on the other flank. (I also put on a bit of an acting class that I had accidentally place my firewarrior screen in the wrong spot, leaving my Stormsurge all alone in the corner with a big gap at 9" on the table edge. When he drops within 9" so he can make the charge, pick up a ton of dice and start making him remove models. It may not kill all of them, but it will do some damage, more than enough to neuter his puppies.

Strategy 1 is more reliable because it only relies on your placements. Strategy 2 and 3 will only work once each, but maybe he will stop taking them if they keep getting removed from the table. Then the threat is permanently mitigated.
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