Imperial Knights - A new foe on the horizon...

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Re: Imperial Knights - A new foe on the horizon...

Post#145 » Nov 25 2014 01:17

Having killed a few knights, what I find works:

Deathrain Team
Rest of army

Your Riptide presents the forward element and at distance engages the the Knight. Your army hides and evades the knights fire and keeps about its day winning the war.
Your deathrain team is positioned to flank or Deepstrike.

Melee is where this monster gets its points back. NEVER let that happen.

He is also often played as "the spear" of a force, so side flanking is fairly easy.

Base size alone makes him check for across field movement for most of his moves, you have 6 Plus JSJ for your forces.

I have also had some effect with 2 sky rays/ 2 hammerheads. Rays on flank (like Deathrains) and the Hammers split up but on point. The invuln sucks, but rail rounds can score some sick damage fast. And at mid field, 2 full seeker batteries finish the job if the hammers did not. Dpods and cover render most of its fire useless.
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Re: Imperial Knights - A new foe on the horizon...

Post#146 » Nov 25 2014 01:21

Thanks! Told ya I stunk at stats. I see now that I messed up Farsight's Weapon Skill. I went back and edited my post and referenced your numbers instead.

So, seems like a good combo, especially since you should get at least one shooting phase prior to a charge. I like it because it's even points... ~370 each. And, if you win, you get to go attack something else. :)

Vay - I was just sharing a combo that happened to work me and then posited that it was a sound tactic. Seems like it might be with proper setup.

I'm going to try this out more, maybe doing some simulations by myself instead of wasting an afternoon playing someone else to just try out a failed idea.

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