How to deal with this AM List @ 1850

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Re: How to deal with this AM List @ 1850

Post#11 » Jun 29 2014 02:00

Against such a mech-heavy list what you need is the Tank Hunters rule on as many hard-hitting units as possible.

1. Firebase Support Cadre. Place VT on at least some of the Broadsides. For the riptide the best combo might be HBC + FB with ECPA to go with the VT and EWO.

2. Longstrike in a Hammerhead. Usually he would be the primary target but with all those flyers coming and all those VT Broadsides you can begin to give the AM player some difficult target priority decisions.

3. Deep striking fusion crisis. Plenty of them, so you very likely want to have a Farsight Enclaves detachment in there. Missile pods are not useless if you can get round the flanks and they will clear out the veteran squads pretty quickly once you pop open the Chimera.

4. You have at least one Riptide if you go with option 1 and you quite probably want at least another. I never have much luck with the HBC without an ECPA and would take the IA but your experience might be different.

5. A fusion blades commander is not a bad idea - that one suit can seriously mess up a baneblade if the AM target all those other priority targets first. Farsight is also not a terrible choice, he can put a unit right where you want it and if ignored can hurt the tanks in CC.

6. A skyray would not hurt if you have the points spare. Personally I would probably just go for more fusion crisis - the Broadsides and Riptides are then the primary anti-air.

Keeping your markerlight sources alive will be hard whatever they are, multiple small units might be your best option against an opponent with big guns but not many of them.

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Re: How to deal with this AM List @ 1850

Post#12 » Jul 01 2014 06:38


Some good advice there and definitely along my lines of play. I was thinking of the Firesupport formation. Simply for the tank hunters rule. Against his flyers that will be excellent. The tank hunter Riptide will act as bait and try and pull his Knights away from my fragile stuff. He usually just charges it straight forward, he's very easy to predict but the list he uses is tough enough to be predictable. With enough units I'll be able to get a side with no shield I hope!

Longstrike was a forgone conclusion straight away. He's just fantastic against AM. He's good as it is but having the re-roll misses really helps to soften the blow when you roll a 1 to hit. I'd use him to target the vehicles with no saves first. Vanquisher HQ then possibly Hyrda for an easy quick kill and then the Knight.

Looks like dropping the Tigershark AX-1-0 would be a much better tactic and then simply out numbering him with anti-tank.

Farsight Codex will be ordered ASAP as I've wanted it for ages but it seems especially good against AM with this amount of armour.
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