Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#11 » Jan 08 2015 11:20

Another thought is this - if you have ruins around, park your Riptides in them. Obviously, the nova-charged shield is better, but the 4+ cover save from a ruin can be used against grav cannons.

Another possibility - though this is a bit of a one-trick death star too - would be this anti-cent unit I cooked up:

6 Pathfinders, 2 shas'la with rail rifles, shas'ui with rail rifle, 3 ordinary shas'la, two gun drones.
Darkstrider, two gun drones
Shadowsun, command-link drone, 1 MV52 shield drone

You get a unit with seven 5+ saves, six 4+ and one 3+ - so the grav cannons wound on 5s - never worse than a 4+ cover save, at least one 3++, re-roll 1s, and 5-8 AP1 shots, two of which are at BS5. Also, the unit will be T4 versus your shooting, so the fusion blasters will insta-gib the centurions, and the rail rifles can gib the special character unless he has EW.

Of course, there's no guarantee the cents will actually shoot at it, so maybe not.

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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#12 » Feb 03 2015 09:59

Surprised no one suggested this..

Since you have so many riptides, kit them with interceptor. When they drop pod in, land the St 8-9 AP2 pie plate on them, or the ST6 AP2 heavy 2 flamer. They only have so many wounds, and you get to shoot first. If you want more possible wounds, fire the normal st 7 ap 2 shots. Don't forget heavy burst cannons still rend, and fusion blasters are wonderful things.

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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#13 » Jan 20 2016 12:48

Void Shield Generator with your firebase surrounding it will nerf any shooting by Grav. As long as the Cents don't make it within the shield you are safe.

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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#14 » Feb 17 2016 06:58

The Drone Net VX1-0 gives drones Interceptor, so you can use marker drones to make your Iontide pinpoint their pie plate.

You said he's good at LoS shenanigans. This means you can play that game against him. Make the safest place for him to land really inconvenient, like far flank away from the maincombat. He lands 500 points there, you go yay and let him kill the bait, then forget about him.
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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#15 » Feb 17 2016 08:04

This might not prove super useful, but since many people forget about it I thought I'd add it in here: I'm not sure what centurion initiative looks like, but if they land close enough to some fire warrior's or the like, a photon grenade could really ruin your opponent's day.

And it sounds like maybe a sniper boss broadside with HRR could give Shen a hard time if he hides him in the back of the unit. I think it a nice precision shot would deny him of all saves and instant death him? I don't know much about Shen, so I'm basing that on what I've read on this thread.
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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#16 » Oct 18 2016 01:12

Also keep in mind the Grav Amp rule, the re roll of the result does not mean re roll failed wounds.

A grav cannon fires 5 shot, they have to re roll all five per grav amp rule if they use it.

No where does it state they re roll failed wounds. Specifically says re roll the result and they cannot choose which result to use they have to use the last result rolled. speaking as a space marine player now building tau. I run 4 grav cannons so am very familiar with the rule debate on the matter.

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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#17 » Oct 18 2016 01:57

Dude....that thread is 8 months old! Talk about thread necromancy. :D

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Re: Drop-podding Grav Centurions (with tanky characters)

Post#18 » Oct 18 2016 02:01

I used to play against a gating centstar with a chapter master with shield eternal tanking wounds. I found that using kroot to control where the star ( or pod) can land was helpful, but difficult to do.A storm surge is pretty good with interceptor and advanced targeting and drone network Can work as the market light hits will allow you to fire a couple of d missiles which should be able to take out the tanking character ( with a 6) or at least a couple of cents.

Finally , I used to run a retaliation cadre or a farsight bomb to come down in order avoid the tanking character and take out the cents.

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