Fighting Skitatrii

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Re: Fighting Skitatrii

Post#11 » Mar 18 2016 10:03

Just be happy he plays ruststalker instead of infiltrators. Those shred through almost everything we have as if it's nothing with their sheer amount of s2 hits being able to re-role failed to wound roles plus they are still more than enough to kill us in melee. :D

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Re: Fighting Skitatrii

Post#12 » Mar 18 2016 11:18

The Optimized Stealth Cadre is absolutely MURDEROUS against Skitarii.

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Re: Fighting Skitatrii

Post#13 » Mar 18 2016 04:31

When my friend expands his Skitarii list with 2 extra Ruststalkers and 3 Onagers, I'll be completely overhauling my list with a Retaliation Cadre. Gladly, I won't have the Fire Warriors, but I'll have to make regular use of blast and large blast templates to kill all of his units, as he'll outnumber me rather drastically. My army lists can be found on the second page of this post(scroll to the bottom) for anyone that wanted to ask questions.
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