Brother War, Tau vs Tau

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Brother War, Tau vs Tau

Post#1 » Jul 30 2015 01:06

This weekend I'll face another tau army in a tournament. Our lists are fixed and we know them, so we can't modify them. we will play a random "malestrom of war" mission (which is indeed very unpredictable). The battlefield consists of ruins (Gw ruins and bunkers) and craters and two woods (3*6 inches). I'm just interested in tactical ideas. We all know our armies but sometimes this prevents you from discovering the obvious.

Decs' List:
    Tau Empire: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1500pts)

    HQ (274pts)
    Commander (224pts)
    Cyclic Ion Blaster, 2x Marker Drone, Missile Pod, Onager Gauntlet, Puretide Engram Neurochip,
    Shield Generator, Stimulant Injector, XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit
    Ad: goes with the crisis team

    Ethereal (50pts)
    Ad: goes with Broadsides

    Elites (586pts)
    Stealth Team (144pts)
    Bonding Knife Ritual,
    Stealth Shas'ui x3

    Stealth Shas'vre
    Fusion Blaster, Markerlight and target lock

    XV104 Riptide (210pts)
    Early Warning Override, Ion Accelerator, Twin-linked Smart Missile System, Velocity Tracker

    XV8 Crisis Team (232pts)
    Bonding Knife Ritual
    Crisis Shas'ui x2
    Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator

    Crisis Shas'vre
    Command and Control Node, Drone Controller, Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite

    Troops (146pts)
    Fire Warrior Team (73pts) x2
    6x Fire Warrior Shas'la with Pulse Rifle
    Fire Warrior Shas'ui

    Heavy Support (494pts)
    Hammerhead Gunship (203pts)
    Disruption Pod, Longstrike, Railgun with Submunitions, Seeker Missile, Sensor Spines, Twin-linked Smart Missile System

    XV88 Broadside Team (291pts)
    Bonding Knife Ritual
    Broadside Shas'ui x2
    Shield Generator, Twin-linked Heavy Rail Rifle, Twin-linked Smart Missile System

    Broadside Shas'vre
    Seeker Missile, Shield Generator, Twin-linked Heavy Rail Rifle, Twin-linked Smart Missile System

My opponents list:
    Tau Empire: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1496pts)

    HQ (160pts)
    Aun'Va (100pts)

    Cadre Fireblade (60pts)

    Elites (616pts)
    XV104 Riptide (240pts) x2
    Ion Accelerator (5pts), Stimulant Injector (35pts), Twin-linked Fusion Blaster, Velocity Tracker (20pts)

    XV8 Crisis Team (136pts)
    Crisis Shas'ui (47pts) x2
    Target Lock (5pts), Twin-linked Fusion Blaster (20pts)
    Crisis Shas'ui (42pts)
    Twin-linked Fusion Blaster (20pts)

    Troops (144pts)
    Fire Warrior Team (72pts) x2
    8x Fire Warrior Shas'la with Pulse Rifle (72pts)

    Fast Attack (88pts)
    Pathfinder Team (44pts) x2
    4x Pathfinder Shas'la (44pts)

    Heavy Support (488pts)
    Hammerhead Gunship (140pts) x2
    Disruption Pod (15pts), Railgun, Twin-linked Smart Missile System

    XV88 Broadside Team (208pts)
    Bonding Knife Ritual (3pts)
    Broadside Shas'ui (70pts) x3
    Target Lock (5pts), Twin-linked High-Yield Missile Pod, Twin-linked Smart Missile System


As my opponent has more models than me I would try to as much "alphastrike" him as possible. goning first would help greatly ;)
If he has a vulnerable point it is leadrship. If I'm able to get rid of Aun'va, I could force a lot of Ld tests...

Hes got mass but no shas' ui or 'vre teamleaders, because he relies on Aun'va for Ld tests ("twinlinked" Ld tests and 10 ld in 12")
Aun'vas special- as high as Ap-safe makes him quite a pest. I thougt to Infiltrate or deepstrike my Stealth Team with 12 S5 Ap5 shots. maybe it would be better to hunt him with my Warlord crisis team, to instant kill him with missilepods(S7 Ap4), twinlinked, ingoring cover. where i need only 3 unsaved wound to wipe him off the table. Should I deepstrike them? Mathhammer-wise I get 3.333 unsaved wounds in 18" with 9 S7 A94 shots. and 2.22 in 36" (which would be the guard). maybe a combo of first Stealthsuits killing one guard (3.333 unsaved wounds) and than long range, ignores cover, instant killing with my warlord team?
After losing Aun'va (which grants me minimum 2 VP) his army(except for the Riptides) is very vulnerable for Ld test, which could be easily forced.

His two riptides are a bit cheese but without markerlights they're not that effective, so his pathfinders would be a primary target
maybe for firewarriors, one kill would force a Ld check.

Broadsides! Quantity vs Quality. As he has HYMPSides I could try to force him to move in his first turn with my deployment. Maybe he doesn't get into range, but at least he has only snapshots (well they are TL). So I prfer to target them with my RailSides out of his range with twinlinked Instant kill shots (S8 AP2), before he could unload his hymp deathrain.

Regularly he Deepstrikes his FusionSuits, which would be fine for me, with interceptor on the riptide, who's overcharged IA Potentially Insant kills the maybe he will deploy them.

Well Hammerheads... hopefully longstrike strikes first. I've got move throug coverwhich woul allowe me to be more flexibe using cover for the disruption pot.

Two Riptides... :fear: Well concentrate fire. Baseically I would try Ignore them, hoping the are less effective without markerlights (like mine all the time...) my WarlordSuits may cause some wounds with monsterhunter and halfrange plasmaguns as well my RailSides.
My Riptide was designed to serve as anti-air/ds platform, so the lack of feel no pain makes him less durable. If my opponent doesn't ds his FusionSuits he would be rather useless. maybe it would be interesting to charge one of his brothers to lock him in close combat, while the rest of the army concentrates fire on the second one.

Those are some of my thoughts, what do you think? Constructive criticism? Complete other ideas? Should I surrender in the first place? :P

Shas' O Sun'zi writes: Attack with fire!

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