The Dreaded Dark Reapers...

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The Dreaded Dark Reapers...

Post#1 » Aug 14 2015 06:02

Hello all, new user here.

I was curious if many people here have encountered Dark Reapers in their games against the Eldar, as I have. My friend loves to field them, and for good reason. In our last 1200 point game, he fielded about nine of them split in to two squads with an exarch in each, and Starshot missiles. This equalled out into a surplus of high strength shots at 48" range!
Their armor saves (3+ if I remember correctly) are absolutely nothing to scoff at either. I'm almost surprised that more Eldar players don't seem to field them in higher quantities, or at all, especially given the points cost.

I more or less attempted to close in on them with some Pathfinders supported by Stealth Suits and a Piranha, successfully markerlighted them, and took out a few, but not before having the rest of my flank annihilated.
My current list doesn't have any Riptides or Broadsides yet, so as far as the distance game is concerned, he's got me beat there. I suppose the next step would be Missilesides, but I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions on how to counter these dreaded aliens....

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Re: The Dreaded Dark Reapers...

Post#2 » Aug 14 2015 09:08

First off, welcome to ATT! Secondly, I'd like to suggest that you read the primers as they are a must to read for all members. The reason for this is because ATT is very particular about the content that gets posted on this site, including details about requests for information. Thirdly, there is a template that new members are requested to fill out and again, I would suggest doing that at your earliest convenience.

Now that the formalities are out of the way... Can you give us a little more idea of the game that you played. Points, what he was playing with, what you have available/playing with, type of terrain, etc. once we have a little more information, we'll be able to give you a lot more suggestions. For now though, keep a crisis team in reserve and drop them on the enemy unit.

Don't let the amount of information that is being requested deter you. Honestly, this group of players are pretty amazing and knowledgable about the Tau, it can be quite frightening at times! Lol!

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Re: The Dreaded Dark Reapers...

Post#3 » Aug 15 2015 02:52

Dark reapers are pretty good - especially when taken in the Aspect Host which boosts them all to BS5. Their ability to ignore jink can be a real pain if your list relies on skimmers with jink saves. With the missile upgrade they cost more than a stealth suit each but they murder crisis teams, a couple of drones to soak up the S8 AP3 shots are well worth considering.

On the other hand they are T3 with a 3+ save. The Tau armory has plenty of weapons that can reach out across the table and deal with them; Ion weaponry on riptides or hammerheads, skyrays or seeker missiles on anything that can carry them.

Alternatively deep-strike/outflank. A team of deep striking plasma crisis suits will remove an expensive units of Dark Reapers. Last you have outflank. On the whole most of the things we can outflank will need to take Dark Reapers down by volume of shooting, we have more outflanking options than most codexes so take your pick - my preferred option would be a unit of kroot with a hound as they are cheap and versatile.

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Re: The Dreaded Dark Reapers...

Post#4 » Aug 15 2015 03:18

Sv3 is nice and all, but on a mere T3-its not very sturdy.

Even a bunch of gun drones who wonder around can be a serius threat to the reapers. you don't need anything fancy like ion or plasma-a few pulse class guns can and will ruin their day.

As for why eldar don't field much of them-while reapers are good, ever very good-eldar got most of the unbalanced OP units in the game in thier disposal, so the reapers just look bad in comparison, despite the fact many other codcies will be glad to have them.

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Re: The Dreaded Dark Reapers...

Post#5 » Aug 17 2015 03:57

I'd recommend an Overcharged Ionhead preferably with a C&C Node Commander or Shadowsun to reroll when it gets hot.
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Re: The Dreaded Dark Reapers...

Post#6 » Aug 18 2015 04:21

Thank you for the replies and suggestions, and I'll fill out the template for new members right away!

Those were some definite good suggestions, especially Nic's suggestion to deepstrike plasma crisis suits.
The game we played was 1200 points, and being a newer Tau player, I haven't assembled a particularly large or diverse roster as of yet, but it's still a work in progress.
My list is mainly composed of Firewarriors, Kroot, and Pathfinders, with plenty of drones, three crisis suits, three stealth suits, a piranha (with seeker missile of course), and led by an Ethereal.
Essentially it's a footslogging army at this point, which for obvious reasons struggles in a lot of aspects.

His list consisted of practically all infantry as well, save for a single weapons platform, a Falcon, and a Farseer on a jetbike riding around being a royal pain.

He fielded about nine Dark Reapers, and because we were playing Dawn of War deployment, they could basically sit back and form a static firing line that chewed my squishy infantry to pieces.
Unfortunately, these guys were also guarded by a 6 man squad of Warp Spiders which also proved to be effective, since they could teleport into my flanks and wreak havoc.

Rather than move forward toward his army line and utilizing the 4+ cover halfway between us, I attempted to flank from two different sides to converge on the center which ended up not working very well. I feel I should have moved forward and taken the casualties, the idea being that he wouldn't have been able to kill all of us, and I may have even been able to put out a rain of plasma fire with Storm of Fire and rapid fire range.

All in all, it was just a fun casual game and I'm learning a lot about playing the Tau and building effective lists against the Eldar trickery. I think the next order of business is to add some more Crisis suits, and possibly even more Piranhas, as those fast-skimmers were really the most effective way for me to rush in and unleash some burst cannon volleys into him at close range. What a glorious way to drop those Howling Banshees and Guardians.

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