Any DKOK Players in the House?

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Any DKOK Players in the House?

Post#1 » Apr 07 2016 12:55

Hello, all.

I hope this post is kosher on the boards here, I just like this community better than Dakka. :)

I need some advice on a new Death Korps army I'm wanting to kickstart. I love my Tau but I feel like I have completed my collection and I really want to pursue playing one of my dream armies which is a Death Korps infantry based force. Currently my plan is to build a 1850 point force with some extras so i can change some things out to figure out what i really want.

The current list im building looks like this (at lunch without computer so i cant remember perfect detail or points, ill edit them in later)

Death Korps Assault Brigade 1850 (IA 12)
HQ: Command Squad- Commander (WL) Mori
Vet- Regimental Standard
2xVet- lasgun vox

Standard HQ for the sole purpose of issuing orders. Going to hide in cover.
Infantry Platoon 1:
Platoon command: 1x standard Bearer 1xVox, 2xMelta
Infantry Squad: 1xVox, 1xPlasma
Infantry Squad: 1xVox, 1xPlasma

Infantry Platoon 2:
Platoon command: 1x standard Bearer 1xVox, 2xMelta
Infantry Squad: 1xVox, 1xPlasma
Infantry Squad: 1xVox, 1xPlasma
While it may seem light upfront, i will be using the Forlorn Hope rule to bring these guys back in as platoons are wiped out! :) These are definitely going to be the front line, slowly pushing forward, unrelenting.
Engineer Squad:
9xEngineers with Cracass Rounds.
1xWatchmaster with Demo Charge, Melta Bombs
1xHades Breaching Drill
These are my linebreakers. I'm going to use to use them to cause mass chaos in my enemy's backfield, destroying as much as possible in the 1~2 turns they'll realisticaly be able to stay alive. These guys will most definitely be on a suicide mission to destroy and distract.

Fast Attack:
Hydra Battery:
1xBarebones Hydra
Sole purpose is to provide anti air. Still trying to decide on this or just an aegis. I lile this because i can stay mobile with my infantry line, but its obviously much more fragile. Cannot remember at the moment if these are elites or fast in the Assault Brigade, but at the moment we'll stick em here
Death Rider Squadron:
Squad 1:
1xRidemaster, Axe, Demo and Melta Bombs
Squad 2:
1xRidemaster, Axe, Demo and Melta Bombs
I just love the look and fluff of these guys, and they also pack a huge punch! Lances giving them S6 AP3 on the charge! These will be my flanking unit/QRF. Assaulting big meaty infantry squads or responding quickly to fill a gap or lock units down in assault. Gave the ridemasters axes to deal with TEQ but im probably going to take it off to save some points.

Heavy Support:
Colossus Bombard Battery:
3xBombards with Camo Netting
Going to be used for lobbing shells into my foe from my backfield. One oversight I just noticed is lack of protection for my arty :neutral:
Demolisher Squadron:
1xDemolisher with Lascannon
Going to move with the hydra and infantry as midfield support/anti TEQ

Well there it is folks. Please please please offer suggestions. Keep in mind i was on lunch working on a mobile with only memory to go off of so if the points don't exactly add up I may have forgotten/added something. Again, sorry if this isn't the place and thank you in advance!

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Re: Any DKOK Players in the House?

Post#2 » Apr 07 2016 02:35

If you are after constructive advice try the Astra Militarium forum on The Bolter and Chainsword here.

They are a helpful bunch. Try Jud as he collects DKOK.

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Re: Any DKOK Players in the House?

Post#3 » Apr 07 2016 04:08

I only collect some dkok, a platoon and some RR, couple centaurs and macharius. I hear the thud gun and heavy mortar are good and cheap.

The IG board will be what you're looking for.
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