Engaging the Iron Hands Death Star

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Re: Engaging the Iron Hands Death Star

Post#19 » Aug 14 2016 11:02

The PBC is solid for its D profile and two shots, but I actually have a different plan. I think using anchors with the PBC is foolish in most circumstances, as being with 9 inches will mean a guaranteed assault with no recourse in melee. Look out sir will mitigate most of the D shots before I can remove any important models. I imagine the star will be deployed in tact and already blobbed. The scariest thing about this particular star is they're all mounted, T5, and turboboosting 4D6 with the Ravenwing company banner. It's an extremely mobile star. Stomps are great, but they strike me as too mathematically implausible to be worth the risk. His list dishes out swathes of S10AP2 melee and would have to trouble butchering the surges. They'd each likely have one opportunity to get a 6, and even then... look out sir.

My plan is to use driver cannons with both surges on opposite corners of the battlefield. They'll keep fire on the star to eliminate its turboboost mobility, with the keel giving twin linked as along as it can assault move safely away each turn. Once it gets a bad roll, it'll likely get caught and act as a speed bump. The riptides shouldn't have trouble dealing with the whirlwinds, which will likely be attempting to pummel my marker drones. I haven't done the mathhammer, but multiple S10AP2 pie plates covering 8-9 models each turn = 36 max hits with anchors. I'm not sure if it's better to save the D missiles or alpha strike them ASAP to start removing models.

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