Genestealer cults might be a problem.

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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#11 » Sep 26 2016 04:51

So goliath truck 11/10/10. 10 models open topped with heavy weapons. 4+ to ignore shaken, stunned, and immobilized.
Goliath rock grinder 12/10/10 6 models, not opened topped. When it tank shocks pass I test or suffer d3 s10 ap2 hits. D3 more if you death or glory and fail. Also add d6 to rams and +1 to damage results.
Leman russ
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Can also AoC with guard for all their artillery.

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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#12 » Sep 26 2016 05:05

Thanks for the update fraction64

So no Baneblade? Xhmm so we dodged the bullet for now...but who knows what evil lurks in the heart of GW! :roll:

TauMan...alive for now! ;)
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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#13 » Sep 26 2016 05:10

Well they can ally in a baneblade.
The character are also impossible to snipe unless you kill the while unit around them first. They auto pass look out sir and can use los in challenges.
The snip special rule is for a weapon that is essentially an imperial power fist so S8 ap2 unwieldy but every wound you suffer makes you take a T test or die.
The new 5++, 4 attacks on the charge, super infiltrate genetealers are 14 points a model. Some units are 5 points each.
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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#14 » Sep 26 2016 07:01

As someone who also plays Nids, I will say at least they have much better options now. ;)

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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#15 » Sep 27 2016 02:12

Calmsword wrote:Cult ambush

Instead of arriving from reserves normally, unit can roll the ambush table D6
1/ your own table edge
2/ roll d6 1-2 left 3-4 right 5-6 you choose
3/ anywhere more 9" from enemy or 6" from enemy which have no los
4/ 6"
5/ 6" + bouns shooting or run
6/ 3" + charge on the turn arrive

It's powerful. Basically you have a 66% chance of a really accurate Deep Strike, but with bonus shooting/charging and no mishaps. The worst thing that can happen is that you arrive on your table edge and there's nothing to do there, but then you can always go back into reserves next turn to have another go. The charge out of reserves looks deadly, but that's a 1/6 chance of happening.

To be honest, the thing that I'm most worried about are those new Broodmind powers:

    Primaris: Mass Hypnosis: Malediction that causes a chosen unit within 24" to drop it's WS, BS, I & A by -1.
    Psychic Stimulus: Blessing that grants the unit Fleet and Relentless, also allows them to charge after running.
    Psionic Blast: Witchfire, 24" S5 AP3 Assault 1, Blast
    Might From Beyond: Blessing, a target unit within 24" gains S+1 and Rage
    Mental Onslaught: Focused Witchfire, compare Ld values and add D6. On a draw, the target suffers -3 Initiative for a turn. If the psyker wins, the target takes the difference in wounds.
    Mind Control: Malediction. Choose a single non-vehicle model and make a shooting attack as if it were yours. See that Stormsurge over there with all of those one-shot missiles? The one with all of those deadly weapons? Yeah, it's yours for a turn.
    Telepathic Summons: Conjuration, WC 2/3. Choose 2 or 3, create a single unit . If you expend 2WC = 5 Acolyte or 5 Metamorphs or 10 Neophyte, 3WC and it's 10 Acolyte or 10 Metamorphs or 20 Neophyte or 4 aberants or 8 genestealer, these model can be equipped with ANY UPGRADES list on their data sheet as per the summoning rules.

The two last ones seem particularly deadly. The guy who wrote this said it himself, Stormsurges would be prime targets for mind control, or a unit of backfield Broadsides. A Warp Charge 2 summoning ability is also incredibly potent. Shame that we still don't have any psychic defence. Where are those damn Nicassar?

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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#16 » Sep 27 2016 05:01

fraction64 wrote:So the following is all confirmed by codex pictures.
The entire army can appear in front of you turn 1 on a 3+. Shoot twice on a 5+ and charge on a 6+. This is all within 6". 1 they just walk on and 2 they outflank.
They have ways to make this more likely with warlord traits and the like. They can also dissappear from the board and do it all over again. If they are in their special detachment they get d6 models back too.
They have ignores cover rending weapons, genestealers with 5++, and mind control powers that make you shoot your own units.

Personal opinion is that they look like a heap of fun to play against from what I have seen so far.

The new psychic powers are a bit of a bother but then plenty of existing ones are too - there is nothing game changing here for Tau. I already take the Talisman in most games and a Culexus in competitive games so that is fine.

The appearing out of reserves trick is really neat but near-suicidal as an aggressive strategy if facing a Tau force that loads up on EWO and Drone Net VX1-0 gun drone squadrons. I anticipate a Genestealer opponent hating my amount of Interceptor even more than Skyhammer marines (who are the reason I take so much already). Basically assault out of reserves is very much a part of the game now and my list reflects that threat already with the amount of screening kroot and interceptor I typically take - so another army that can assault out of reserves is really not an issue.

I think the Genestealer hyper-mobility and ability to grab Maelstrom objectives might be their secret strength and may be the thing that makes them more of a challenge and more fun. Positioning enough interceptor to finish off units appearing from nowhere to grab a VP without hanging isolated units out on their own to be picked off will be a significant tactical challenge.

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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#17 » Sep 27 2016 05:11

Doesn't seem all that scary. Mostly made up of guard units with some extras, which fire warriors slaughter, even in overwatch. Vehicles can be taken down by most of our units. Psychic powers are powerful but so are existing ones. Looks no different than someone deep striking loads of terminators right in front of you, except without the 2+ save. Will require some rethinks, but not game breaking by any means

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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#18 » Sep 27 2016 06:01

Calmsword wrote:Ways to counter:

-Have screen units such as Kroot
-Stop depending on suits to win your games and hold them in reserve (how Tau used to play)
-volume over powerful weapons with an emphasis on army synergy (again, how Tau used to play before Titans walked the land)

Personally I'm excited to see them on the battlefield and more excited to destabilize the constant XV armies that have taken over the Tau army players.

The battlesuits are what got some of us into the army in the first place, though. :sad:

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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#19 » Sep 27 2016 06:27

Sure. And you'll have a rough time with expensive units that can be easily charged by this army... Diversify/adapt!

More interesting though:

Looks like Imperial Guard and Tyranids are allies of convenience. So, now there's this.
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Re: Genestealer cults might be a problem.

Post#20 » Sep 27 2016 11:25

To be completely honest, Calmsword. I still think suits are better against GSC than infantry or vehicles just because of the support systems and weapon options. Just not a 100% suit army maybe.

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