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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#19 » Feb 12 2017 06:15

nic wrote:
Panzer wrote:Or D-flamer units in a Dark Eldar transport that deep strikes in the middle of the enemies without scatter, kills something, triggers the avatars ability to arrive at that point, triggers the soul burst ability, kills another unit with D-flamer.
Two units gone and a unit with D-flamer in a transport and the Avatar in the middle of your army....ouch! Interceptor can only help that much.

I think the unit has to disembark if it wants to benefit from a Soulburst action. While in the transport it is nowhere on the table when it comes to measuring that 7" for Strength from Death so does not benefit. The rule does not give permission to be used while embarked so it cannot - the FAQ seem pretty consistent on this ruling.

Not that it is a lot of comfort for anyone on the receiving end of this attack but at least you get to use Interceptor on the thing that is about to kill you. In practice I believe an Archon with WWP makes more sense than the transport option and so is more likely to be seen.

That's true.
I also never talked about them benefitting from the Soul Burst special rule. I talked about them triggering it which is of course possible. ;)

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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#20 » Feb 20 2017 02:17

These new rules give me the ability to bring both a Solitaire and some Dark Reapers fairly cheapish in an Allied Detachment. Solitaire gets the ability to regenerate for 15pts, and can be all over the place due to the bonus movement from Strength from Death. Cheapest tax seems to be Warlock Council 35p Court of the Archon 10p as HQ and Kabalite Warriors 40p as Troops.

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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#21 » Feb 21 2017 02:09

Positioning is going to be very key. Soulburst has a short range and units can only benefit from it once a turn, so it'll be possible to destroy units in an order that denies as many Soulbursts as possible.

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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#22 » Feb 22 2017 11:33

Does anyone think that blast weapons could be (part of) the answer? They'll do quite a bit of damage but shouldn't completely wipe it out.

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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#23 » Feb 22 2017 11:42

How about using coordinated firepower with target lock, wiping multiple units at once? :D

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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#24 » Feb 22 2017 03:21

Actually since soulburst is resolved immediately it would interrupt any further shooting from the coordinated firepower attack. Can't seem to stop it from happening if they have the positioning right.

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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#25 » Feb 22 2017 04:05

That's actually debatable; the rule reads "whenever a unit is completely destroyed within 7" ...pick one of those units to make a soulburst action" The word immediately does not apply until the soulburst action is chosen. Therefore it would be reasonable to assume that the actions causing the unit to be destroyed be completed before the soulburst takes effect. Since all shooting from a combined firepower attack is considered one action (all targets declared at the same time) then the shooting should be completed before the soulburst occurs.

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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

Post#26 » Feb 23 2017 03:04

After discussion revealing some of what is likely to appear on a table very near me - it seems like Ynnari can pull off some leadership shenanigans rather well.

None of this is really new, DE/Harlequin buddies lists could already do all the basics. What may have shifted is how easy it is in terms of avoiding "tax" units and some little buffs to make it work better.

So the core of this build is the Mask of Secrets on a Harlequin Shadowseer and the Armour of Misery on a Dark Eldar Archon - who probably has the Webway Portal to deliver this to exactly where it needs to be. The Visarch is an optional addon - I will get back to him.

So what this does is give a 6" bubble of -4 Ld which can be exploited several ways. Bear in mind that being placed within 6" they will be perfectly positioned to Soulburst when they kill things.

First and possibly most devastating is the Mirror of Minds power the Shadowseer can get. If that Shadowseer can engineer a situation where the target is Ld5 or less then the target must Deny the Witch or will be killed so long at it can be killed by wounds. With the modifiers above anything Ld9 or below may as well not bother having wounds/saves/FNP because faced with a "keep rolling until the model is removed" effect the model will be removed. The Ynnari can double the chances of getting this power if the Shadowseer is the warlord because they get re-rolls on the warlord trait and one of those grants the ability to simply choose psychic powers rather than rolling for them. Riptides and Stormsurges are going to be the primary victims of this power I think.

Psychic Shriek is the other psychic use that i think we would see a lot. Tau do not generally have the best Ld so taking a -4 before being hit with Shriek is nasty.

Another nasty one is the Death Jester. If s/he inflicts a wound the unit will be taking a morale check at a cumulative -6 or fall back in the direction of choice of the Ynnari player. Then if they charge that unit it has to try to regroup at -4 to Ld or it will simply be removed from play.

It is possible to go all the way here with a Coven Coterie for the "tax" cost of a couple of wrack/grotesque units. The Ynnari unique HQ characters can go here without losing their Strength from Death rule. Those HQ (and the tax units) have a further -1Ld effect in a 12" radius. At this point even Ld10 targets will just die to that Mirror of Minds power and one more wound per Psychic Shriek will really add up. The Visarch also has a rule that means any unit within 3" uses its lowest leadership rather than its highest, when Shrieking a drone controller commander with a swarm of marker drones this would mean taking 3 more wounds per Psychic Shriek.

As countermeasures I can only think that the Talisman has some value - every Shriek denied might save a lot of models. Beyond that I think I will need to maintain my usual extreme levels of Interceptor fire, the Ynnari will probably want to use perfect deep strike to position the rather small 6" super-lethal range of this.

So bring on the scary clowns.

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