Feel no pain and how to overcome it

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Re: Feel no pain and how to overcome it

Post#19 » Apr 12 2017 01:27

SergeantHammer wrote:BUUUUUT, The gunrig can also carry 12 bodies, one of which should be a fire blade to man the railgun.

3 gunrigs to make up a fort = 35 fire warriors

35 bodies, 11 of which get to double tap from the fire blade = 46 str 5 AP 5 shots at 30", 81 shots at 15".

That gunline coupled with 3 str 10 AP 1 armourbane shots with twin linked BS 5, solid backbone of any army.

The ability to move that kind of fire power is what outstrips the hammer head.

Better take a Darkstrider so you can ID T6 models as well. ;)

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