Ultramarines Chapter Tactics spotted!

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Czar Ziggy
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Re: Ultramarines Chapter Tactics spotted!

Post#127 » Jul 22 2017 11:07

Well, here is the link to the codex review by Winters SEO. https://youtu.be/qpvAr9DRmgQ

Very interesting for the first codex. I'm glad to see objective secured is back. Gives me hope for our codex.

Czar Ziggy

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Re: Ultramarines Chapter Tactics spotted!

Post#128 » Jul 23 2017 12:38

As a person who played AoS and was impressed with their battle tomes this is next level over even the Kharadron book which is fantastic. Granted 40k is slightly more complicated. So I am impressed, but not surprised. GW has mostly been hitting it out of the park in particular their AoS battletomes. I knew they would bring that same excellence to this one. They also like to keep them consistent. So I would expect a matching in content to the SM book for most armies.

This makes me interested to see more fleshed out Septs at last. Not only rules but fluff.

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