Orks vs. Tau 65 PP

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Orks vs. Tau 65 PP

Post#1 » Jul 26 2017 12:00

65 Power Points of Tau vs Orks!

Our first play of 8th, I did some stupid things, we ran out of time and it sorta ended in a draw. But, before that...

Tau recon scouted the Ork patrol force to be

A Morkanaut
A Dakkajet
A Warboss
A Nob with Waaagh Banner
Full strength Nob Squad, big choppas and squishy things, kombi-flamers, kombi-rokkits, etc. Ammo Runts

So uh, seemed like a small force. He will be waaaghing a lot but No problem for

A Ghostkeel
Ethereal on Hover Drone
Sunshark Bomber - 2 seekers
2 Remoras - 4 seekers
3 + 3 Stealth Suits
5 + 5 Firewarriors
Longstrike w/ Railgun - 2 seekers
1+1 Marksman
3 + 3 Sniper Drones

So I derped hard, since I didn't even have the BRB before, so I learned about CP and detachment specifics five minutes before the game. So I had 5 CP and he had 4. I should have had a lot more if I had changed up what I took a smidge.

I also derped really, really hard during deployment, with Stealth and Infiltrate. Me being deranged, I infiltrate up to his deployment zone with a stealth squad before I realize, that was colossally stupid. Also, he naturally finishes deployment first so based on our basic mission parameters he went first. This was a big mistake. The Morkanaut advances up to the Ghostkeel, take some token shots at the firewarriors but the focus is on the Keel. Nobs split fire between it and the stealth suits, who get nuked with flamer and dakka fire, leaving one squad hanging back. Overwatch takes off at most 2-3 wounds from the Morkanaut, and by the end of his turn the Keel is slagged and so are half the stealth suits. This is all due to my poor deployment and life choices.

In come the Remoras, and a largeish alpha strike. Ethereal invokes the Sense of Stone. Both Marksman and the Sunshark paint the morkanaut up, getting 2 MLs. Impressively and because I think we weren't calculating BS right, he sees 7 Seekers hit the Morkanaut! His invuln soaks up a bit, and the Hammerhead gets a Noice +1 Mortal and 6 Dmg on the Morkanaut with a CP reroll on the to-wound. Some dodginess on him declaring what save is for what is cleared up, and he saves the mortal wound but not the 6. The Sunshark MPs open into him too. By the end of shooting the Morkanaut is down to 6 ish wounds. The Remoras and the Interceptor Drones open up on the Dakkajet, causing token damage. The FWs cause a couple wounds on the Nob squad and the snipers can only really see the Morkanaut so they light him up - for little of nothing. The Sunshark takes out a couple Nobs with its Pulse Bomb

More Waaagh for Mork now, the Nobs advance up. We learned some things about advancing and BS which, for an Ork player I know is a numbers guy, seemed to forget that assault weapons are still -1 to hit on advance. But it was a friendly match! Anywho, the Firewarriors get shot up, and the combat will reach them soon. The Morkanaut wants Longstrike dead, and vaults over a hill to shoot him up, to little avail. During the charge, Longstrike does the unthinkable - 6 to hit, 6 to wound, 1 mortal wound bonus. Same result plays out. Roll for D6 damage - it's a 1! The Morkanaut would live if not for CP - the re-roll is a 6! The Morkanaut spills its mechanical guts across the battlefield. The Nobs retaliate, taking down all the FWs, the Ethereal is unscathed, and 4 wounds on the Hammerhead.

The game nears time and the draw, with the Hammerhead jumping away and the Remoras positioning as an assault-screen. The Ethereal bounces, and the sniper drones open up on the couple HQ models hanging back. Picking on the painboy, they only take 1 wound off. The Sunshark is coming around for another pass, while popping shots into the Dakkajet. The Hammerhead and Remoras pick at the Nobs but they are still a force to be reckoned with.

The match ends in a draw, due to time constraints, but I feel like my showing was amateurish, Its been months since I last played and my positioning was very bad. Its disappointing that burst and pulse weapons have lost their AP, and changes up how I think about T'au shooting. I like to play multiple small units myself but regularly find myself up against these kind of death-blobs and its frustrating when they're like "yeah, I'm just going to declare this one unit charges all of those things" How can I really deal with these blobs without changing how I fundamentally play (MSU, etc)?

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Re: Orks vs. Tau 65 PP

Post#2 » Jul 26 2017 12:21

FYI mortal wounds are unsavable unless it's to shrug damage from an FNP like save. No invuln, no regular saves. He should have just eaten those seeker shots and likewise the d3 from the railgun.

Spread your units out and he shouldn't be able to charge more than 1. Stack them in firing lines and you can get FtGG while preventing him charging multiple units.

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Re: Orks vs. Tau 65 PP

Post#3 » Jul 26 2017 01:42

Yeah I figured that out a few hours later, we didn't want to halt the shooting phase to figure it out, I was already kind of trigger happy. But yeah, the Mork would have died in the almost exact same fashion, he failed to save so many of the seekers it didn't matter much. The bigger issue for me was a mob of 2W T5 nobs with a 4+.

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Re: Orks vs. Tau 65 PP

Post#4 » Jul 26 2017 09:02

Unless you're confident you can wipe out the majority of their melee units in turn 1, don't infiltrate that close. It's ok to if you can get first turn, then deepstrike in front of the Ghostkeel, or move up a large drone unit.
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