Engaging Chaos Daemons Tomorrow

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Engaging Chaos Daemons Tomorrow

Post#1 » Jul 28 2017 10:25

I fought this guy last week, and it was a narrow loss. I blame it on drawing the night fight card, lowering my range to 12" and then 18" for the first two turns. I lost through kill points only, thanks to the small drone squads splitting off of other units. I won't make that mistake again.

Can I enlist your help? Any tips for fighting this army? Suit weapon loadouts?

It was a small 50 PL engagement last time, and will likely be about 75 - 100 this time.

Last game, I ran:
6x stealth suits with burst cannons and ATS
10x pathfinders with marker lights
12x firewarriors
Cadre Fireblade
Ethereal on hover drone
2x commanders - 1 with 4x CIB & 1 with 4x FB
5x Vespids
+ Associated drone attachments - recon, PAD, guns

On to the battle...

I don't know his units by name, but I know that my stealth suits tore up 2 squads of hounds (?) My PAD and Fireblade buffed firewarriors did good work against some melee only infantry (not sure what they were,) and he had some sort of chaos lord as well as many little wound soaking nurglings and a squad of rider-mounted flying sac creatures that could shoot quite effectively, albeit at short range.

What gave me terrible grief were his transports loaded with berzerkers. I destroyed one and wore down the occupants with vespids and my CIB commander. The other transport reached my lines and crushed me.

Now, a few things about the game made it tough. Many of his units, or all, had an ap resistant armor save. Is this true of all daemon units?

Also, when his transport was disabled, he didn't roll for the disembarking units to see if they survived. I only noticed in the rule book the day after that this rule exists. He said there was no such rule in game, and you only roll for wounded occupants of the vehicle if it blows up? Didn't make sense to me. Vehicle blows up = all occupants dead, correct?

I'm a new player, and he's very experienced. I tried to ask for clarification very often, but he was a bit standoffish and kind of rushed the game. Ultimately he stopped answering questions.

I'd like to have a better shot this time! For the next battle,
I'll have the aforementioned forces available, plus these units:

20x firewarriors.
9x crisis suits ( I proxied them as commanders)
3x stealth suits
17x kroot
20x gun drones
1x broadside

The next purchase I'll be making will be longstrike and a second hammerhead. I feel I need some high wound armour.

Apologies for the long post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: Engaging Chaos Daemons Tomorrow

Post#2 » Jul 29 2017 12:13

I just played against Demons today 1500 points for the fate of Konor and here is my experience.

Fought against Belakor, A nurgle soul grinder, Korn hounds, tzeech flamer pistol demons (dontk know the name), nurglings and pink demons. Here my notes:

Different that against any other army i have face until now the CIB as not that good, I had one commander with 3 and 3 Crisis with 2 they were not doing much. I think that BC would have been better.

Nurgle demons with 5+ Inv Saves and 5+ Feel no pain are a pain in the ass. Plague nurgle plaguebearers even most for their - 1 on hit on units with 20 or more those were a damn problem.

Take flamers against charges that helped me a lot

My best unit was no doubt my y'vahra.

Hope it helps.
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Re: Engaging Chaos Daemons Tomorrow

Post#3 » Jul 30 2017 01:39

All the actual daemons have an invulnerable save which ignores ap.

As for the transport issue he's probably thinking of last edition where units only took damage if the transport blew up. Now you roll a dice for every model in the vehicle and for every 1 rolled a model is slain(owners choice). Though if the vehicle explodes nothing changes for the occupants. The only units that get hurt from that are nearby ones.

Now on to chaos. You need to use buffer units to blunt his charges. So drones or kroot. Give yourself another turn to shoot.
Now remember with berserkers you need to stay at least 8 inches away from your buffer units. If they charge and they kill the buffer unit then they get a 3" consolidation followed by a 3" pile in. If they make it to within 1" of one of your units and they declared a charge against then too then the zerks get to attack all over again. They rampage through gun lines.

Nurgle daemons are tough but they don't like multiple damage weapons too much. They have to pass multiple 5+ disgustingly resilient rolls if you shoot them with those. Also the little ones (nurglings) don't get a second save at all if they get wounded by a weapon with damage other than 1.

Watch out for psykers. Chaos has that in spades and you currently have no units that can stop them. But the range on their powers is usually only 18".

Also count yourself lucky if you don't have to fight a greater daemon. They are terrifying. Sounds like you only dealt with lesser daemons.

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