Eldar 2k: Shining Spears

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Eldar 2k: Shining Spears

Post#1 » Nov 07 2017 05:11

Hey guys I am playing a set of competitive games coming up with some eldar that a friend is lending me and I am looking to using jetbikes, specifically shining spears. What are people's experience with these?

My current plan is to run two full squads with 3 warlocks and a Farseer babysitting each for two massive deathstars, and then some infantry/vehicle munching filler.

The alternative is just running 4 full squads of shining spears, each with a warlock to quicken them.

What do people think about this strategy? Are death stars more or less useful than massed squads?

I had also been planning Ynnari but am not married to the idea.

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