Dealing with Necron Destroyer Lord w/Nightmare Shroud

A review of past Alien Tactics by commanders during the First and Second Phase Expansion.
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Re: Dealing with Necron Destroyer Lord w/Nightmare Shroud

Post#19 » May 05 2010 03:49

gr1m_dan wrote:I best get buying a couple more DF's then!

I can't believe how crazy some of his upgrades are, I mean, this thing can turboboost into your weak LD lines, take a round of firing (it has done too! T6 3+ save and 3W AND can get up again in the next round) and pretty much make your army run away!!!

It's a good thing the rest of the army is pretty slow then huh? The Lords are the pivotal part of a Necron army, as without him the crons are even slower than usual [no Veil] or less resilient than they should be [no Res Orb]. While the Nightmare Shroud can be annoying, it is easy for us to protect our scoring units by mounting them in Devilfish or Outflanking later with Kroot. The amount of Missile/Plasma we can pack in Elite and HQ slots can lay the smackdown on any of the Necron Infantry or Destroyers, and Warrior Squads are easily slowed down by suicidal Piranha or Kroot - making objective games against Necrons quite an easy task.

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Re: Dealing with Necron Destroyer Lord w/Nightmare Shroud

Post#20 » May 05 2010 11:34

Argh just rechecked this thread and can't believe what an idiot I made of myelf. A necon with a Psychic power? Damn. The same goes for forgetting his toughness 6.

I'd agree with the above posters, delay his slower units and focus fire, preferably of the low-AP kind. Ionheads can work wonders here, and easily make more points back shooting Destroyers aftewards.

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