Danger of Marine Scouts

A review of past Alien Tactics by commanders during the First and Second Phase Expansion.
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Post#19 » Jun 15 2006 11:43

Mixed initiative can also be an advantage to the attacker. Take our Kroot hounds. They attack first at I5, then the MEQs, remove the hounds, then all your Carnivores attack. Thats huge. Now the MEQ player could remove models from contact when the hounds attack, but thats some advantage, huh? He dies and you don't.
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Post#20 » Jun 16 2006 05:57

We should be able to withdraw as soon as less than -x- number of s are in base contact or when -y- number of s are KIA. That way, it actually works, the heroic sacrifice. There needs to be a reule to represent this, a or Glory of sorts for infantry. [Gains +1 WS and +5 I (Max 10) and +1 Attack but all others must withdraw six inches ] Sort of like 40k Rage :evil:

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