Dark Eldar Scourage

A review of past Alien Tactics by commanders during the First and Second Phase Expansion.
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Dark Eldar Scourage

Post#1 » Jul 26 2007 09:01

Help, I have been playing against Dark Eldar the last few times, my friend is fielding 5 transports, and at least two Ravagers (1850pt game)
His load outs are on troop of wyches, one troop of Grotesque, and three transports with full Squads. Along with the Mandrakes which are a pain.
I have been fielding a pretty standard force, of two teams of fire knives, two DF with troops, plus Ion head, Rail head and a team of V88s. and two squads of Kroot, speed bumps. I have not been able to come close to a draw even.
His Seven darklances, are raking through my armor, suits, and even if I take out 3-4 by turn three, it is usually too late.
Any ideas would be helpful, he plays more often than I do and tends to put together very good armies, without much min/max.

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Post#2 » Jul 26 2007 09:27

depending on who gets first turn, dark eldar can be very tough or very easy, but the standard answer to all "how to fight dark eldar" questions is more S7. bring an ionhead, bring some deathrains. His dark lances shouldnt be killing all of your skimmers unless you're sitting there not moving the entire game. At 1850, you should easily have 3 hammerheads, and probably 1 or 2 devilfishes. I don't see how you manage to lose all of those by turn 3, unless you're not shooting him and you're not moving.

Oh, and when rolling for damage, remember their transports are open-topped

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Post#3 » Jul 26 2007 06:07

I've killed an entire raider and all but 1 troop with a FoF. S5 guns kill raiders like crazy when you consider that 1/6 shots is a glance. (1/2 hit, 1/3 glance) 24 shots = 4 rolls vs a 50% kill rate (4 is immobilised, so it kills as do 5,6.)

Hide skimmers, let him go first. Broadsides are meat, don't take em.
Use target locks on vehicles to pop one vehicle with sms, other with railgun.
Try to set up long fire lanes where you have cover from one direction and can fire across the board with the railgun in another.
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Post#4 » Jul 26 2007 06:15

Dark eldar are one of the easier armys to pin. A few GD/Carbine FW and ML's and you can really cause some problems for your DE opponent.

Their average LD is like 8 and their HQ's are only 9. Try out some buffed pin checks made even easier by the fact that their armour is pretty much 5+ across the board with Jetbikes, Incubi, and Talos being the exceptions.

MP, BC, Ionheads yes. Plasma, fusion, Railrifles not so much.

Piranhas are the only way in our empire Codex to out maneuver or at least match Eldar. Against Dark Eldar leave em with BC's unless you got something specific in mind.
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Post#5 » Jul 28 2007 05:49

I have never had the opportunity to play againt dark eldar, but broadsides and fire knives seem a bit overkill. How about firestorms instead of fireknives (saving some points and probably being more effective in this case) ? And exchanging the broadsides for say more fire warriors or another hammerhead...
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Post#6 » Jul 28 2007 09:38

If your DE player is like any normal guy, he will try to hide his Ravagers and Raiders for protection. Weapons which do not require LOS are very helpful here: SMS over the top, especially against Raiders? Yes please. A probable 3 out of four hits, with a 33% chance each of doing damage adding one to the Armour Pen because of Open-Topped will really upset his apple cart.

I agree with BasjArne about the Broadside unit: I would consider taking a third Heavy Tank rather than the Broadsides. Much better mobility and harder to take down with the Dark Lances. An Ion Cannon would also increase the chances of hitting something and doing it damage, with Target Lock and SMS to wallop something else if your positioning is good enough.

Take out the transports is priority, then take down the Ravagers. Keep your Troops in the DFs until you can get a certain kill on a unit, preferably using both DFs as a Double FoF. Your Fireknife squads are also great for removing the vehicles, but a Firestorm or two will mess nicely with his armour saves.

You haven't mentioned what you use as a Commander, and you don't mention any markerlights either. Are you using any in your list?


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Post#7 » Jul 28 2007 03:44

Thanks for the replies, I am going to re-make my list tonight and hopefully play him again in the next week to see how your input helped.

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