Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

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Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

Post#1 » Feb 11 2008 02:57

In 2 days i have a 750 pt match up with a dark eldar player that is a very competitive DE player. I am new to WH40k and Tau, I was wandering what is the best way to face DE? Suits, Mech, MI, and what tactics should be use I have access to pretty much of any Tau army spec.
This is what i was thinking of for a list:

Commander Shas'O w/Plasma Rifle and Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, HWMT

Firewarriors 5x Shas'la with Pulse Rifle. Shas'ui with Pulse Rifle, Markerlight.

Kroot Carnivore squad. 10x Kroot with Kroot Rifles.

Pirahna: Fusion Blaster, Target Array, 2xSeeker Missiles
Pirahna: Fusion Blaster, Target Array, 2xSeeker Missiles

4 Pathfinders in Devilfish with SMS and Target Array and 2xSeeker Missiles

Broadsides: TL Railgun, SMS, A.S.S.
Broadsides: TL Railgun, SMS, A.S.S.

well I know I might be going about it the wrong way but hey I have to try something right..well just let me know if i need a new list or what I need to do to give the DE a run for his money so to say.....thank you

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Post#2 » Feb 11 2008 03:31

As DE he's either running Wych Cult or Dark Lance spam. Either way you're screwed. You also won't likely get much help on this, as DE is pretty rare (I don't even own their dex and I have every other Dex GW printed for the current ruleset)

Lots of blisteringly fast AV 10 skimmers with 5+ sv troopers. Burst cannons missile pods and pulse seem the way to go on this one. Run a cheap FoF team @ 200 pts with 11-12 FW. Kroot on the cheap for 2nd Troop choice. Burst cannons and missile pods for crisis. Skip the Broadsides and look at Sniper Drone Teams instead. Don't go full mech as if he goes lance spam you could be looking at 12 dark lances on the field. Hug terrain and play for a tie.

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Post#3 » Feb 11 2008 05:57

I don't know that I can offer too much in the way of advice against heavily competitive DE, but I can offer a few pointers I have found useful in the past against them.

1) Stealth Suits seem to work against them. JSJ against their transports after infiltrating in. Keep the unit about four models, giving a decent chance to take down one of their fast transports. If the DE charge the suits, remember that they will count as having been assaulted in cover.

2) No Kroot. You just get tempted to rush or speed bump, which is what the DE player wants.

3) Prioritise - If you take a hammerhead, make sure each shot it takes counts as it may not get another. SMS and the upgrade allowing you to split its fire is useful here, as you can go for a tank and some infantry, a pair of tanks, or a couple of infantry squads. Also, make sure you take out the fastest stuff first. A Talos may seem a tempting target, but it is both hard and slow, so can be left alone for a little while.

4) I haven't tried this, but Sniper Drones would work here as either anti-Incubus or anti-tank. The stealth field seems to annoy them for some reason.

5) Probably leave the DF at home, unless you want to run Warfish as flank harassment from behind cover. Whatever you do, 30" FW shooting is your friend (and his skimmer's enemy!).

6) HQ. Destroy the inevitable transport and then just stay out of charge range. Remember the annoying 2+ Inv the lord can get, and also that once he fails the Inv save it is gone.

7) DE may well be one of the few armies against which pinning has a chance of working. A squad of gund drones working with your pathfinders would use this to your advantage, as can anything with a rail rifle.

Ok, on to your list.

I would say drop the broadsides, as one RG shot against AV 11 or 12 is not really that great. IMHO, a hammerhead would be of more use here due to its flexibility and move-and-shoot SMS.

I would also advise dropping the AFP on the commander for a MP, and swapping the Kroot for more FW (S5 guns make a lot of difference here as they can drop his skimmers!).

Not really sure about the Pathfinders, as I don't tend to use them. My thought is that this may be too many points in one place (nearly one fifth of your force), and you may be better served by DSing JSJ gun drones, or yet again more FW.

Make sure you keep your units out of fange of a lucky masacre move, as you don't want them rolling up your line. Don't try to be more mobile than them, as it won't work. They will likely have more skimmers and tanks than you, so use it to your advantage - without a transport, DE are really slow and fragile (except Incubi, but that's a different story).

Hope this is of some use, and good luck with the game!
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Post#4 » Feb 11 2008 08:17

One thing you might want to consider are Hammerheads. The Ion Cannon has a great chance at taking out DE transports, or the Railhead can pie plate squads to death. Depending on how you play, either burst cannons for 6 shots, or sacrifice rate of fire for range with the SMS. If he fields tons of lances, do your best to outrange him.

If you just absolutely feel you must have a Devilfish, upgrade it to a Warfish. Condider giving it a target lock, as even str 5 has a good chance at cracking most DE skimmers.

As Mal'Caor mentioned, drop the AFP from the commander. Go with either a missile pod or the cyclic ion blaster for troop killing joy.

I'd look at upping that squad of Pathfinders to 6, and give three of them Rail Rifles. Remember, when you give them Rail Rifles, they also come with target locks.

If you are just going for victory points, I'd drop the Piranha. Those points could be spent on a couple monats. I'd go with a 'vre with AFP (I do like the killy-factor of that weapon against fleshy targets) and plasma or MP, and a MP/Plasma monat.

Also, something to consider with your commander is the command and control node. The key to beating DE is taking away their mobility. With enough target locks and mid strength weaponry, cracking their transports shouldn't be too much of a problem. Use the C&C node to help ease those Target Priority roles, and you'll have a much better go.

I've played against DE only a few times, but they have yet to beat me. Every time, I use a static list, with some of the elements I've suggested to you. Goodluck, tell us how it goes.
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here is what is available to me for the 750 list

Post#5 » Feb 11 2008 01:09

here is what is available to me:

2 suit commanders ( with magnet weapons)
16 Battle suit/broadsides (I use magnets on all the Suits and broadsides too)
5 Piranha (I use magnets on on the BC/FB and seekers)
7 hammerhead/devil fish (these too have been made to be any spec needed at the time)
2 skyray
9 stealth suit ( I have 1 more set on order)
about 50 drones (markers/shld/gun)
20 kroot 24 hounds 2 shapers
60 firewarriors (all of them have both carbine and pulse on them)
22 pathfinders
3 sniper teams

And I really think it’s a warrior spam he is running, but he has a ton of witches too.
This might help I know he normally runs like 3 raider ships 1 talos and a few Elite and FA I just do not remember them I think his HQ rides on a flying lance looking speeder thing at 500pts.
I do know he is a big fan of that upgrade on his ships that take 6 inc. off your range attacks.
He normally deploys in a weighted flank I think. HQ and Talos and one ship and support unit on left side. And 1 ship 12 inc. going to the right of that and 1 ship 6 inc. away from that one to the right of that ship.

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