Can A Pure(ish) Battlesuit Army Be Competitive?

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Re: Can A Pure(ish) Battlesuit Army Be Competitive?

Post#121 » Apr 18 2014 06:28

Moving walls of Devilfish and Hammerheads were a not uncommon tactic in some circles. Though this was more common when our tanks had Multi-trackers.

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Re: Can A Pure(ish) Battlesuit Army Be Competitive?

Post#122 » Apr 18 2014 08:19

AngryAlbatross wrote:Recently I have been thinking about taking 3 hammerheads and advancing my crisis teams up behind them (using the tanks for cover) upside is that if one of the tanks gets wrecked its still can give my crisis teams cover. However im stuck now because I can't decide between TE allies to bring in a 4th hammerhead and a Iridium'O or two 5 man stealth teams. Hoping to use the list on Wednesday versus eldar.

I often do this to get my plasma team into rapid fire range without dying.

Just remember the unit footprint of a crisis team isn't that small, even with 3 tsnks, you can't hide many suits. For example, I use 3 devilfish to hide 3 crisis and 6 drones.

Of course, once they get in range there's also the 35 firewarriors and an ethereal for my opponent to deal with.

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Re: Can A Pure(ish) Battlesuit Army Be Competitive?

Post#123 » Dec 22 2014 09:57

Sorry for the thread necromancy but I plan to start building this army in the new year and have a question...

As you can see in my list below my Marker Drones are in my Missile Pod Suit teams, but I'm thinking of giving the MP suits 1 or 2 Marker Drones and have the commander lead a small unit of Marker Drones, that way I can start off the shooting phase with the commander allowing both missile pod teams to benefit from Markerlights. He'll also the smaller unit size may allow him and the drones to hide better.

Your Thoughts?

152 – Commander: 2 Missile Pods, Target Lock, Drone Controller and 2 Marker Drones

225 – Riptide: Ion Accelerator, Fusion Blaster, Early Warning System, Stimulant Injector
250 – Riptide: Super Burst Cannon, Smart Missile System, Earth Caste Pilot Array, Velocity Tracker and Early Warning Override

129 – 3 Battlesuits: 2 Burst Cannons each.
159 – 3 Battlesuits: 2 Plasma Rifles Each.
111 – 2 Battlesuits: 2 Fusion Blasters Each, 1 with target lock.
53 – 1 Battlesuit: 2 Fusion Blasters
198 – 3 Battlesuits: 2 Missile Pods and Target Lock each with 2 marker drones. (Commander goes here)
220 – 3 Battlesuits: 2 with 2 Missile Pods and Target Lock each, Shas'vre with 2 Missile Pods and Drone Controller with 3 marker drones.

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