1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

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1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

Post#1 » Mar 26 2014 01:06

Hey ATT,

I've had the Tau Dex for several months and have been toying with army lists over this time. Having recently decided to devote my time in the hobby to pursuing my long desired Tau army as my Space Wolves army is now complete (for now....), I've turned to the Greater Good and found ATT when searching for Mechanized advice.

Having read over the Markerlight Philosophy guide and the article on Commando Cadres in the Tactics section, I present the following list, distilled from my reading here and experience with my Space Wolves.

The overall goal is to provide a combined arms force capable of adapting (ideally) to any environment.

HQ: Commander with 2 Marker Drones, Drone Controller, Two Missile Pods and Target Lock -152

Troops: Crisis Team with 2 suits, 4 Marker Drones, Two Missile pods per suit, Bonding Knife Ritual and Target Locks - 164

Troops: Crisis Team with 3 suits, Shas'vre, 6 Marker Drones, Two Missile Pods on two suits and a single on the Shas'vre, Drone Controller & Target Lock on Shas'vre, Target Locks and Bonding Knife Ritual - 249

Troops: Firewarrior Team with 10 models, Shas'ui upgrade, Devilfish, Bonding Knife Ritual - 190

Troops: Firewarrior Team with 10 models, Shas'ui upgrade, Devilfish, Bonding Knife Ritual - 190

Troops: Firewarrior Team with 10 models, Shas'ui upgrade, Devilfish, Bonding Knife Ritual - 190

Fast Attack: Sun Shark Bomber with Twin-linked Missile Pod - 165

Fast Attack: Sun Shark Bomber with Twin-linked Missile Pod - 165

Heavy Support: Hammerhead Gunship with Railgun, SMS, Disruption Pod and Submunitions - 145

Heavy Support: Hammerhead Gunship with Railgun, SMS, Disruption Pod and Submunitions - 145

Total: 1755

So on to a breakdown of why I chose what:

The Crisis teams & Commander are meant to provide ranged fire support and act as a force multiplier through the Marker lights. Since they can JSJ and have relentless, I feel the Marker drones are a better platform than pathfinders for markerlight support as they can continually move and not worry about losing effectiveness due to the nature of heavy weapons. Furthermore, as troops, they have the ability to secure backfield objectives.

The Sunsharks are there to provide close air support and attain air superiority. I feel they're a better choice than the Razorshark as they are more a jack of all trades with the networked markerlights and other armaments they carry. However I have no experience in this area and have based this purely off of theory.

Hammerheads are there to provide long range Anti-tank and anti-infantry and because I've been dying to build one since I saw the models

The three firewarrior teams are my primary objective takers, the Devilfish is cool, aids in their survival, and boosts their mobility.

Now on to reasons why other things aren't in the list:
Riptides: While I love the unit, I wasn't left with enough points to put one in without comprising in other areas
Broadsides: Also a unit I love, however the cost of fielding a full unit is offputting, plus I do love my tanks
Sky Ray: Considered, but ultimately decided against, until recently, this has been a staple in all my theoretical lists. However, a game I played against a friend who fielded a storm raven and wiped out both my vindicators with it persuaded me that my prior anti-access/air-denial mindset may not be the best, so I've switched to a pure air-superiority doctrine
Stealth Teams: Don't fit with what I'm wanting to do with this list in my opinion
Pathfinders: As explained above, I feel they are too immobile and slow for the list, even with scouts

As to my own playing style, it usually involves having a mobile frontline supported by a static (or in this case, semi-static) firebase.

C&C are quite welcome

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Re: 1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

Post#2 » Mar 26 2014 03:17

I like suits with marker drones, but I don't like when you're completely dependent on them to take stuff out. I found that you wind up wasting a lot of resources into whatever you're trying to do.

I am also, personally, on the fence about flyers. I find them to be really frail against anything that's expecting them.

The only suggestion I have is maybe to add a pathfinder team of some sort. I think while you're using a very mobile list having pathfinders in the back field won't be that much of a detriment. To make room, drop one of the fliers?
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Re: 1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

Post#3 » Mar 27 2014 04:05

I'm of the opinion that the razorshark with the upgraded BC to MP and decoy launchers is better than the sunshark. Cheaper and more focused IMHO, and this is an area where what works for you is better :)

Even if you don't go for the razorshark, decoy launchers giving an invulnrable save against all interceptor is just insane for how cheap they are! Find the points!

But if you use the Quad ion turret vs the drones, we could argue till the internet turns into Skynet and kills us all in judgement day, as to what is better. But what I find is that the razorshark gives focus. I'm either firing all my shots at a flyer or tank, or switching up to a single large blast instead of two small ones for attacking infantry. The single markerlight is barely worth it unless you have others able to back it up. Not to say that it doesn't do anything, just that I never found it to really reliably contribute.

To offer a different path... do you have piranhas? two 3 to 4 model squads would compliment very nicely to this list! Fusion blasters on them could also give you options elsewhere like on the hammerheads to ionheads for example. Though this leaves your anti air lacking /shrug.

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Re: 1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

Post#4 » Mar 27 2014 06:09

Honestly I find both our codex jets to be far from impressive, but of the two I prefer the razors.

The sun is practically all about the drones, who are nice and all still just easily killed drones once they take off, or forced to follow the shark's own targets if not.
The razor however, can get rear shots into enemy flyers, even us a pesudo vector strike type attack-easy rear hits on anything, and hiding someone behind a squad is useless.

But in any case, I must agree-the decoy launchers is a MUST. in fact its a must on ANY tau plane, from the razor to the tiger. its nearly as powerful as the PDF era Dpods for planes, even how many skyfire weapons are also interceptors. (and how you tend to kill the non-interceptors WITH the flyers, making many people pass on them.)

But here is a tip you might not like.
Don't play enclaves, or de-mech yourself.
You list is not a fit for it, you practically spent a tax of 35 points to troopify 2 teams of suits, while your elites are anyway empty, and you barred yourself from the powerful TE signature systems for it.
These crisis troop teams are not AS powerful as they might seem.
Sure, the 3 man squad with commander attached will mean that whatever you target with the drones WILL get 6+ marks, and them some missiles will go flying, but the 2 suit team does really little there. not to mention these teams are going to be a target ANYWAY, so making them troops does little to improve your scoring.

Then on top of it, you got a lot of points sunk into devilfishes, some of the least cost-effective transports out there, just in order to keep your theme and protect your fire warriors, who are anyway less required for enclaves.

Your choice of "codex" does not fit you list.
I know its not nice to hear, but I've been there before. so hyped about enclaves I ran lists of it despite the fact an empire list of the same army would work better due to no taxs and the godly systems I gave up (these are really absurd and we know it :P)

Either that you brake off the enclaves and run your army as a regular empire army and take these extra 35 points to power up your guys (and maybe drop a few more bodies), or you suit up, and trade the fire warrior teams for crisis teams (dakka teams of dual BC suits and drones do wonders when it comes to S5AP5 spam-11 points over the warriors and fish nets you 3 dakka suits and 6 drones, to spawn "only" 18 inch range, but on jetpacks that got 36 of these shots, 12 of them slightly more accurate and pinning.)

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Re: 1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

Post#5 » Mar 27 2014 06:12

I get what you are doing here, but Boomwolf is right.

Those deathrain/marker teams being troops is great, they can snag any objectives in your half of the table while still providing usefull ranged support, and have the mobility to react to changeling situations on the table. That leaves the devilish mounted firewarriors free to go on the offensive, grabbing objectives in your opponents table half. I love this, and am one of the biggest proponents of this style of play.

However, you are cutting yoursel of from some of the best war gear we have access to, and paying for bonding knives on your fire warriors to do it.

This kind of list really works best with the enclave as an allied detachment, giving you the two crisis teams as troops, without having to pay the bonding knife tax on the firewarriors. The points you save are almost enough for an ethereal to lead the empire detachment, who can join a firewarriors team. That way, if all three firewarrior teams disembark close together, they can ALL get an extra shot at short range. 90 s5 shots is enough to do some serious damage to nearly anything.

I don't want to come across the wrong way, but I play a very, very similar list, if you have a look at the list linked in my sig, you can see some of the evolutions I've gone through with it over the last few months, and the reasoning behind some of the changes, and the advice I've received about it, and this might offer you some food for thought. Please note the current version is empire only, with no farsighted enclave allies for one simple reason: I fell asleep on the train and left my farsighted book on the train when I woke up and rushed off' :::(

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Re: 1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

Post#6 » Mar 27 2014 11:00

CariadocThorne wrote:I fell asleep on the train and left my farsighted book on the train when I woke up and rushed off'
Will Flak'O for food.


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Re: 1750 (approximately) Mechanized Farsight Enclaves

Post#7 » Mar 28 2014 12:01

Having slept on it, I'm starting to come around on this list.

It could be better optimized, but it's pretty good, and should do well unless you take it to an ultra-competitive tournament environment. For increased optimization, the empire + Enclave allies list is probably better, but it still works your way. The biggest issue for me is not having the PEN on the commander, as it makes deathrains much more reliable.

My other concern is the sunsharks. I think razosharks might be better, due to the range and strength of the large blast, but I've never used either much, so I couldn't say for sure.

Personally I would ditch them both for a skyray and a riptide, but if you want to use the flyers, don't let me stop you.

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