1850 Full Battlesuit

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1850 Full Battlesuit

Post#1 » Apr 03 2014 09:14


Our gaming groups has enlisted for a Team Championship in june and I am already going to start bashing my list together.

The requirements:

No Forgeworld,
No Tau allies ( anything else is possible, provided none of my team mates use that army),
No Escalation / Stronghold

My personal preference is to play with nothing but battlesuits.
I have played this list for the past months but I was able to use a team of 3 Tetra's to fill in my markerlight requirements.
This is currently the core of my army. 1518 in total so that leaves me with 332

HQ: Farsight 165
HQ: Commander, 2xMP, DC, TL, Talisman 153

Elite: Riptide, HBC, ECPA, EWO, VT, TL SMS 235
Elite: Riptide, IA, EWO, CDS, TL FB 195
Elite: Riptide, IA, EWO, CDS, TL FB 195

Troops: 3x XV8, 2xMP, TL + 5 Marker Drones 234
Troops: 3x XV8, 2xBC 129
Troops: 2x XV8, 2xPR 106
Troops: 2x XV8, 2xMP 106

Farsight and the burst cannon team are usually kept in reserves. The board control this grants is priceless as my opponents usually sacrifice movement to guard the rear.
The burst cannon will be deployed if I am facing Ork bikers or Tyranids.
The commander joins the marker team
The 2 suits with missile pods are designated to either hold backfield objectives or move around for flanking shots on armour. The 2 suits are usually ignored since the marker team draws all the attention which is not going towards the Riptides.

The Riptides are kept in close formation for the overwatch bonus.
The HBC riptide is on AA duty, the EPCA is to ensure that we get the extra punch required, the other 2 are charged with picking off targets and stop an AV14 vehicle on turn 2.
Either by presenting a fusion gun threat bubble or by boosting towards the backfield to catch the vehicle.
The burst cannons are included to thin out hordes since the presence of 2 large blasts usually forces my opponents to spread out.

So far for the solid core. These guys have never let me down.
Normally, I also include the following:

Troops: 3x XV8, 2x2PR + VRT, 2xFB+TL, 4 Shield Drones 217
Fast: 3x Tetra 105

I haven't listed these yet. The Tetra is obviously out and my single marker team is not going to cut it.
The other XV squad is the squad that Farsight normally joins. Enough firepower to take on a MC or MEQ squad and can still pop a big tank.
Since this is a big tournament, I can justify cheesing it up a bit with the iffy wording on the bodyguard entry.

Then I would make an identical squad with the addition of a single member that has the CCN, MSS, PEN and VRT systems. Without drones, that would add up to 278 points.
Farsight would carry a bit more punch but I am not convinced that this outweighs the cost. The remaining points could be invested in 3 marker drones for the 2 missile suits.. Which would fire at BS 2. The effects of the CCN and MSS can be emulated by use of markerlights so I think that would be a better option.

What do you think?

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Re: 1850 Full Battlesuit

Post#2 » Apr 03 2014 10:08

HA I typed up some Tau allies and then re-read your post.

Tau Allies [spoiler=]Iridium"O
Fusion Blaster
Cyclic Ion Blaster
Pen Chip
Iridium Armor
Stim Injectors

3 x Crisis Suits w 2 x Fusion Blaster (you could take these as another troops choice to make them scoring)

Could still work if you switch out the Iridium"O for one of the 8, either the pen guy or iridium guy
With a few marker lights they can wipe most tanks/monstrous creatures in a single turn, and the Iridium give them a ton of survivability. Overcharging the ion blaster helps against horde targets too (or against screamer stars which this unit was able to wipe for me a while back, they got unlucky and only had a 5+ from the grimoire)[/spoiler]

Ok real advice now

I would flesh out your troops choices a bit. Maybe add another member to your plasma squad, give them some gun drones for ablative wounds. Might be a good idea to duplicate your marker missile pod team instead of having a smaller mp team and just have one of the suits replace a mp with a drone controller. Giving them 6 markers in each squad would mean you can have one really accurate marker group and one decent group, so both your IA riptides can potentially ignore cover if you roll well. Then you some redundancy if your main markers get wiped by a battle cannon or something. Also marker drones are great ablative wounds if you need to hold some objectives.

Alternatively two or three squads of pure gun drones would help you too. They can fly around and assault block, or contest and are statistically more accurate than fire warriors. Having played some fish of fury recently I have to say gun drones are really underestimated in their usefulness.

Alternative 2: Take two rail heads with sub munitions, gun drones and auto repair. They can deal with heavy tanks instead of your IA riptides and can also take hordes with submunitions. Plus two annoying mini gun drone squads to annoy the enemy for you.

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