750pt Tau vs Chaso Marines (Campaign)

Cadres who fought and bled under 6th edition rules.
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750pt Tau vs Chaso Marines (Campaign)

Post#1 » Apr 16 2014 08:36

Greetings brothers and Sisters of Tau.
I'm in a campaign at my local gaming club and have seemed to have upset the
forces of Chaos. they have succumbed to the Mont'au and it is up to us
to show them the error of their ways.
so i am versing chaos marines and sadly my advanced scouts failed to uncover
any useful information ( i know little about my opponent or Chaos Marines) but alas we must
hold the bridge else we shall become cut off from the advance Cadre, for this game i don't have
ability to reach the field myself (no HQ needed) and the Air cast is unable to provide Air support
due to the dangers of the bridge (no flyers in the game)
the battlefield is a bridge with possible night fighting and toxic close combat rules.
i have Transferred command to Shas'Vre Firestorm
the order of battle (army list) is as follows

Crisis Team Fire Storm
2x Shas'Ui, Shas'Vre Firestorm
3x plasma Rifles 3x Burst cannon 2x Shield Drones

Crisis Team ColdTide
3x Shas'Ui
3x plasma Rifles 3x Burst cannon 2x Shield Drones

Fire Team "kais"
9x Shas'La Shas'Ui Kais
Fire Team "Fireborn"
9xShas'La shas'Ui Fireborn

pathfinder team "Guiding Hand"
4x Shas'La

Pathfinder Team "Illuminating ones"
4x Shas'La

Hammerhead "Or'es Vessa"
Railgun sub ammo TL SMS
Prosper as Tau shall

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Re: 750pt Tau vs Chaso Marines (Campaign)

Post#2 » Apr 16 2014 11:42

Plan for them having a hellbrute. i think your hammerhead will serve you well.

Remember to measure the 6" for your supporting fire in order to maximize overwatch on the bridge.

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