1850 tournament list with some restrictions

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1850 tournament list with some restrictions

Post#1 » Apr 26 2014 05:06

Hello ATT members

I start this new list post because I am going to attend in few weeks to a 1850 point tournament and I need some advice.
Firstly I need to tell you about the tournament itself;
It is a tournament I attend each year, with great players (on the table, but also after the playing!!), well assorted tables with good amounts of scenography (some of them Large LoS blocking pieces) and awarding random prices to avoid cheese players (unfortunately, they are everywhere…) SO this year, they have changed their rules and have taken Swedish40k 1.3. as new system. And some of you may think like me at first… What’s that? So I’m telling you what it is exactly;
It is a system trying to avoid cheese lists playing through some limitations. The first big limitation is that you can only take Codex’s, so no O’Shovah supplement allowed for me (I was just thinking to give a try and go with a full Farsight army).
The other method to achieve their purpose is to count some points for taking some things; the addition of points (CAP’s) cannot pass 10. In our case (Tau), things that represent points are:
- XV 104: 2/5/9 CAP’s (that means the first unit costs 2 points (in this case a single model, but normally squads), the second 5 and if you take a third, 9 points…. So for 10 CAP three are not allowed in any Tau list.)
- Multispectrum Sensor Suite (MSS), Command and Control Node (CCN), Puerytude Engram Neurochip (PEN), Iridium armour and drone controller are 1 point each on a Commander, but cannot take more than 3 on a single Commander (Drone controller not included in that 3 maximum).
- PEN = 1 CAP even on a Shas’vre
- 0/1/3 XV-15
- 0/2/4 Mont’ka Shas
- 0/1/3 XV8
- 1 CAP for each piranha (first 5 are free)
- 2 CAP for every crisis bodyguard after the second (so 3+)
- 1 CAP for Aun’shi or Aun’va
- 2 CAP O’shaserra
- 1 CAP for every 10 kroot models (first 50 models are free though)
And for everyone having allies is 2 CAP cost, and your allies can not have themselves more than 3 CAP. (so a maximum of 5 CAP in allies).
In every battle you and your opponent compare your CAP’s, and if there is a difference exceeding 3, the one with the lower number of CAP’s can have 2 Warlord traits (but they have to be from 2 differences, you cannot have 2 from your own codex for example.)

For the rest is a normal tourney, with 3 matches, 3 hours per game (last 15 minutes only to finish the turn, not allowing one more turn), standard missions of the Rulebook (they chose them randomly at that moment).
Normally in those tournaments there are a lot of different army’s (we are about 20-30 people playing), but CSM, GI are the more numerous, but also Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, GK, Necrons all types of SM and few times Orks or Daemons.

So with all of that in mind, I’ve done a 1850 list which seems balanced to me, but not being familiar with those restrictions I’m not sure about it and ask you, ATT community to point out whichever deficiency you can see in it or my battle planning (explained latter):
THE LIST: (1847p)
- Commander with 2 MP, drone controller, PEN, Iridium suit, target lock and 2 marker drones, 168 p (3 CAPS)
- XV 104, TL FB, IA, Early Warning Override (EWO) 220 p (2 CAP)
- Crisis team A (x3) 2MP, target lock, 4 marker drones, 2 defence drones, 243p
- Crisis team B (x3) 2PR, EWO, 3 defence drones, 207p (1 CAP)
- 6 FE 54p
- 6 FE 54p
- 6 FE with fish amb Dpod 149p
- 20 kroot with sniper round and a hound 145p
- 20 kroot with sniper round and a hound 145p
- RailHead, submunitions, longstrike, Dpod 190p
- IonHead, Dpod, night vision 141p
- Skyray, Dpod, night vision 131p

So the list is intended to work as follows:
Always give the initiative. This has three main reasons: 1.- When I have to start to put my miniatures on the table I know he is going to push or if he is trying to stay backfield, allowing me to counter deploy him with ease (two flanking/infiltrating units, a DS unit and long range hard hitters). 2.- I know I can be in cover cause there is going to be enough terrain and LoS blocking things to deploy securely most of the time 3.- People hate to be steeled the initiative, so they tend to be less comfortable and have to make decisions before start playing, which can force more errors.
The three tanks, the XV 104 and Crisis team A (with commander) are my long range hitters, looking for first blood and stop their big guns or fast units, while the rest of my army (2+1 FW units and 2 kroot units are in reserve/flanking). Crisis team B can be in the field if I expect DS units, or DS themselves in the enemy deployment zone.
Both crisis teams have defence drones (and my iridium Commander) because I try to play with LoS, but when the dice gods wants them JS(onlymove3inchesback) instead of JSJ, I hate those lasguns around there killing them too easily (and because of you, CSM dragon-machine!).
My heavy antitank are only 2 units (XV 104 and RH)… But with all those restrictions and my precautions deploying them I expect to be facing at maximum 2 AV 14 per battle, and giving them some light support will do the trick… and if not, my XV104 will crush it in close combat and a 3++ to survive whatever is inside… or just let that 200ish LandRaider firing 3 laser shoots per turn and kill other things…
My anti hordes are 3 big pieplates (and then kroots will be on the table from the beginning, because 40 shoots per turn are something that can help too XD).
My plans for troops are simple... When they enter, I plan to take the two 6 men units in my backfield objectives, the two kroot units in the enemy backfield backed up with 3doble plasma DS crisis and my 6FW in fish to take midfield objectives.
I expect to be hitting hard and keeping fire away of my always in cover troop units or use them as fire magnets and keep firepower to demolish enemy lines scoring most second objectives and denying them as much points as possible.

With the 3 points left I was thinking to give my warlord an advanced targeting System, because it can be good against some special weaponry during the mid-late game
So, what do you think of my list and plan? Do you believe that it is well rounded to face anything taking into account the restrictions? Do you think 6 CAPs is good?

I appreciate all feedback (both positive and negative, but always constructive please :D ), and thanks for reading all this!!

:fear: :fear: :fear:

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Re: 1850 tournament list with some restrictions

Post#2 » May 01 2014 10:25

I wasn't sure about the EWOs on the second Crisis team at first, until I got to thinking about it. That's actually pretty clever - make most of your table half unsafe for deep strike, unless you can tank 6-12 plasma shots and an ion accelerator. I like it. It even gives tough stuff something to worry about - that much interceptor fire has a non-zero chance of popping a Riptide or Wraithknight, even. (Not a *great* chance, but you'll probably put some wounds on one)

Maybe I'd give one of those suits the CIB in place of a second PR, but that's a tough call. More strength, more shot volume or a blast, but less AP. I'd take it just because of various transport-spam tricks, but your mileage may vary.

Also, what secondary weapons are you taking on your tanks? Smart missile systems? If so, I'd almost try to find a way to free up the points to put an SMS on your Devilfish, too. That's an awful lot of fire that can be used for digging objective-holders out of cover, even some of the more stubborn ones like Hormagaunts covered by a Venomthrope. Nobody likes being on the receiving end of 16 rounds of "LOS? Cover? What's that?" :)

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