The Savaas Annexation

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The Savaas Annexation

Post#1 » Apr 27 2014 06:53

Hey everyone,

A buddy of mine is leaving for the east coast and we're having a final campaign between my Tau and his Imperial Guard. I've written up some fluff (which you can skip) but am hoping for some peer review. The idea is that the Tau have sent a vanguard fleet to worlds the Por'Ar'Tol considers safe enough to move on before the 3rd Sphere really kicks off. Savaas has a history with the Tau and a sympathetic population that has been abused by the Imperials for two centuries after it's rediscovery at the end of the Damocles Crusade.

The Tau have sent a small fleet with enough firepower to dislodge the Imperial government and work with a pro-Tau resistance to take the rest of the planet. An Inquisitor has been wary of a Tau resurgence and has uncovered this plot, using his own connections to divert troops toward this planet.

I'm building a fluff-centric list, as is my friend, to represent a historical campaign.

The Savar/Savaas Imperial System

Colonized barely a year before the Heresy, the people of Savar's culture never regarded the Emperor as a God and evolved along more classically Imperial lines, much like the Ultramar systems. Their cities crept across the globe and to the nearby worlds. It would be almost eight thousand years before the Imperium rediscovered the planet as the Tau withdrew in the wake of the Damocles Crusade.

The Tau had long enjoyed a trade relationship with the world they referred to as 'Savaas'. The concept of the Greater Good had efficiently been integrated into the population's understanding and the wonders of the Earth Caste had been used to expand the human's gains. As word spread that the Imperial Navy had achieved a crushing victory against the Air Caste in the Hydass system, the Tau enclave on Savaas prepared to retreat back across the Gulf. They took those that were willing in what room they could spare.

The Imperium was unrelenting in their reprisals. Black Ships arrived, drafting an enormous percentage of the population, justified in that Savaas had failed to regularly provide their Tithe. The Imperial Family was executed along with dozens of high ranking officials and many thousands who were deemed beyond redemption of techno-heresy. The Savaasi entered a true dark age as the Adeptus Arbites was reconstituted. Foreign Imperial regiments were stationed here as a stop over toward the growing Tyranid front, their daily atrocities will never be forgiven. Finally, as Ultramar itself was attacked, new factorums were unleashed by the Mechanicus to fuel the war effort.

Two hundred years have now passed since this violent reintegration and Savaas is a divided world. In the north the ancient capital is solidly in Imperial hands, hundreds of kilometers of Prometheum pipes running across the freezing tundra. In the south, where the Tau assisted the Savaasi, there remains a pro-Tau element that has gone underground in the smaller cities and equatorial jungles.
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Re: The Savaas Annexation

Post#2 » Apr 27 2014 06:53

Here is the Imperial faction, the numbers reflect what would be a typical Imperial structure. Their mission will be to secure the northern continent where the Arbites have been successfully holding off pro-Tau terrorists and rebels, then move down and pulverize the Tau vanguard army, with the hopes of convincing Kar Dunias to strengthen the Damocles border and perhaps prevent a 3rd Sphere from advancing into the Imperium.

We are using scaled down 'Movie Marines' for a single squad of Astartes which, under the information provided by the Inquisition, will attempt to recover a high ranking Tau of the leadership caste, hold it ransom, and potentially negotiate a Tau withdrawal.

Savaas Imperial Interdiction Force under the command of His Divine Majesty’s Most Holy Inquisition

Chain of Command

Inquisitor Santos (Overall Strategic Command)

Colonel Ernst Jünger, 24th Urbensis (Ground Commander)

Valhallan Colonel (2IC, Ground)

Colonel Alexander Lamm , 756th Nklon (3IC, Ground. CnC Armor command)

Admiral Franklin Buchanan (Admiral of the Fleet)

Commodore Sir Pierre Giraud (Commander of Aldeera Sub-Sector flotilla)

Commodore Ying-shi Hsieh (Commander of Timbra Sub-Sector flotilla)

Brother-Sergeant Bishnu Shreshna (Commander of the Second Squad of the Wept, Brotherhood of Woe Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes)

Ground Forces*

Imperial Guard: 123,000 men, 1600 armored personnel carriers, 350 MBTs, 50 artillery pieces

24th Urbensis Grenadiers (Munitorum designation: assault/siege)- 100,000 men

Valhallah Regiment (Munitorum designation: cold weather/mechanized) 20,000 men

756th Nklonian Armored (Munitorum designation: armored) 3,000 men, 275 Leman Russ

Adeptus Arbites- two precincts, 120 men


Adeptus Astartes- 6 Astartes from the Brotherhood of Woe, with 300 chapter serfs

2nd Squad, The Wept

Nova Class Frigate Animus
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Re: The Savaas Annexation

Post#3 » Apr 27 2014 08:01

This is where I'm having the issue- what would the Tau (fluff'verse) send in a vanguard fleet before Shadowsun officially kicks off the 3rd Sphere and the attack on Mu'gulath Bay? Here's what I'm thinking:

Tau Savaas Ka'vaal


Aun'Vre T'au Y'sin: Overall authority to the Ka'vaal.

Shas'O Sa'cea B'naath: A student of Kauyon and one of a handful of Tau that has spent time beyond the Gulf in the interim between the Damocles Crusade and the 3rd Sphere.

Shas'El Ki'tal
Shas'El Lovol
Shas'El Avar'kom
- B'naath's hand-picked commanders from Sa'cea. Excellent urban warriors.

Shas'El Vior'la Takkar
-Commander of a Vior'lan contingent veterans of the fighting in the Western Veil. Expert jungle fighters.

Shas'El T'au Doran'Nan
-A tactical genius who answers to Aun'Vre directly.

12 Cadre contingents of the Fire Caste:

480 Line Troopers
192 Pathfinders

72 XV8 pilots

100 Hammerhead chasis

60 Devilfish Transports

30 XV88 pilots

136 Stealth Suit pilots

15,000 Drone chasis

1 Riptide: represents one of the first in production

3 Dronetides: An experimental contingent of pre-riptide walkers.

Commonwealth Gue'Vesa

Gue'vesa'O: A descendant of Savaasi families that were brought with the Tau to the Empire.
Gue'vesa'El B'ro: a telepath that has grown up in the Empire

2,000 Gue'vesa troopers

Savassi Rebels

500,000 est

Three Spear Kroot Kindred
Master Shaper Osowok
Shaper Council- 50 Shapers
10,000 Krootforms

Morrelian Deathsworn
1 Pride

60 Barracuda Superiority Fighters
8 Mantas
16 Orcas

2 Custodian vessels
8 Cruisers
30 Escorts
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