750p tau army vs chaos

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750p tau army vs chaos

Post#1 » May 13 2014 09:35

Hey, I am getting back into Warhammer again and I have started by using the old models to create a small 750p list. I was wondering if you have any tips on fine-tuning the list, due to the fact I am using all the models I have the models I am using are fairly static but all feedback will be appreciated. so, here it is:

marker drones x2, plasma rifles x2, drone controller, shield generator

Stealth team

Fire warriors team x12
Champ, Marker drones x2

XV8 crisis team:
Crisis suit:
Plasma rifle x2, counterfire
Crisis suit:
Plasma rifle x2, counterfire
Crisis suit:
Plasma rifle x2, counterfire

XV88 Broadside team
Broadside x2
Marker drone x2
High-yield and missile system

total points: 749p

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Re: 750p tau army vs chaos

Post#2 » May 13 2014 09:50

I wonder, do you only have one standard-choice in that list?

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Re: 750p tau army vs chaos

Post#3 » May 13 2014 09:54

Hello sabastionz and welcome to ATT.

Just thought i'd post to mention the following.
Please read the membership primers of ATT before posting.
Found here: http://www.advancedtautactica.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=13483

Particularly the following:

"ATT has a long and torrid relationship with Army Lists. On the one hand, they are are an invaluable tool for discussing new tactics. On the other hand, army lists often invite poorly thought-out posts that amount to nothing more than "here's a list I'm putting together for a tournament, help me tweak it." Such posts do not follow ATT's central mission statement -- specifically, they add nothing of quality to our community. If you're a looking for generic army list critique, please look to one of the many other excellent online Warhammer 40K discussion forums. If you're looking for tactical and strategic discussions, then this may be the site for you."

I am sorry but this post appears to be a generic "Help me tweak my list" post, with no additional substance.

I am sure a moderator will look at this later, but I just want to make you aware that if you can add substance to your post, it might be responded to.

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Re: 750p tau army vs chaos

Post#4 » May 13 2014 01:18

Going by farsight enclave rules this list is valid**, otherwise it is not unless you split the fire warriors into 2 squads. I think you would be better served (especially at a low points level like this) taking the marker drones out of your fire warriors and broadsides, then making a seperate drone squadron that your commander can join. Also you commander would be better served with Iridium armor and a target lock instead of the shield generator. That way he use the drones to markerlight something and can tank anything including a missile launcher. If someone throws a lascannon at you, on a 2+ the drones can take it for you and then your still toughness 5 so it won't instant death your commander.

I also would recommend a fusion blaster in the stealth team or giving your crisis team fusion/plasma. At such a low points level it is rare but still possible for someone to bring a Leman Russ, Land Raider or Wraithknight and fusions are wonderful for dealing with those.

Good luck in your games!!

** Only if at least one Crisis Team is 3 models strong. ~ E.

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Re: 750p tau army vs chaos

Post#5 » May 14 2014 12:54

To follow from Mij'aan's post, I think we don't really have enough information to go off, especially since you're looking to use the entirety of your collection and thus any sweeping/dramatic changes are unlikely to be realistic.

That said, I could probably lend some insight. As I've stated numerous times on this site, I do not and have never played Tau. However, I've been playing chaos for over 12 years, and my opinion on the current state of the army at 750 points is the best way to play involves a heavy infantry core. Unlike at 1500 points, I think at 750 the troop choices for chaos need to be larger and more resilient, rather than numerous, and are often well protected using things like fearlessness, ablative wounds, or squad-level buffs to whatever they're trying to accomplish. Against Tau, close combat buffs may in fact be a waste of points, but I would almost exclusively run a dark apostle at this point level.

With that said, I would make sure you have the ability to outshoot a squad of obliterators, expect (in the worst case) 25-30 scoring power armour models, potentially with fear as the crimson slaughter codex REALLY excels over the original csm 'dex at this point level, and you should definitely consider the possibility of a drake.

At 750 I would consider NOT playing a drake, but would definitely look at a quadgun instead, and that's almost the points it would take for a baleflamer platform anyway, and I would expect your opponent to consider it. Moreover, the strength of chaplain-bolstered marine squads at this point level screams for some ap3. Dreadnaughts or some kind of av13 might be a decent alternative, and I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a vindicator or even two if he knew you were going to be playing crisis suits. With all that said, I think running broadsides and plasma rifles prepares your list for most of what someone might throw at you minus the drake or an oddball typhus zombie list, so you may just want to start considering how you optimize your play. The biggest weakness of marine squads are their vulnerability to weight of fire, at least at 750, and fearless only mitigates that so far. On the other hand, cultists are really rather worthless when unsupported, and are unlikely to be ignored with so few targets on the board, rendering them pretty wasteful of 1/15 th of the chaos list per squad. Definitely plan on decimating his troop choices if at all possible, and beware multicharges from a unit of 1-2 ICs and their squad all breaking apart when they're close.

Hope it helps, and try getting some more information out for us!

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