2 000 Tau VS Space Marines + Imperial Guard - [ARMY LIST]

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2 000 Tau VS Space Marines + Imperial Guard - [ARMY LIST]

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Hi there. I'd like to ask you for opinion and help regarding my future battles with my opponent during our second narrative BFG + WH 40k campaign.
A couple of things before I post the list, though:

1. We're still using 6th edition rules, as we were never really fluent with them in the first place, so it makes no sense to switch to the new one right now.
2. We're using our own kind of-dumbed down mission system. There is 50% for an extermination mission (just shoot the !@$ out of your enemy; make him either dead of fleeing) and 50% for objectives. In the second case - there is a 1/2 chance for there either being a couple of objectives worth 1 point, or a couple of 1 point worth ones and one special "relic" worth more.
3. My enemy is able to freely mix his FOC with Space Marines and Imperial Guard units.
4. I can potentially take allied detachment of Imperial Guard units as per rulebook, but they count as Battle Brothers - representing Gue'vesa who are numerous in my Cadre.
5. We play on a non-standard, huge table - it's like 100"x50" or something.
6. My opponent will probably use Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade for his Imperial Guard.
7. His Warlord and HQ will probably be a Chapter Master with Armor Indomitus, Primarch's Wrath and this burning relic sword.
8. That likely doesn't matter, but Kroot in my armylist use the old statline, while keeping the new weapons and rules (so they are one point of str higher and have one attack more than in 6th edition Codex).
9. We're playing sort-of-Escalation, so THEORETICALLY he can come up with 1 Super-Heavy though I doubt it at this point-scale.

Now, to the list itself.

HQ - 380 pt
Shas'O Plasma Rifle/Missle Pod/Stim Injector/Shield Generator/Iridium Armor/Onager Gauntlet/ Networked Markerlight/Target Lock\Repulsor Field/Neuroweb + 2 Gun Drones
Crisis Bodyguard Plasma Rifle/Missle Pod/Stim Injector - 77 pt
Crisis Bodyguard Plasma Rifle/Missle Pod/Vectored R-T - 67 p

Now, I know this unit probably isn't cost-effective, but it has grown close to my heart as this is the "traditional" way I've always fielded my HQ and it rarely disappointed me. The Commander in particular is something I'd rather not change, as his equipment is also grounded in the fluff of my Cadre. That beign said, I think it's still very powerful unit, capable of engaging different targets even without markerlight support (they have networked one)

Troops - 203 pt
12 Fire Warriors w/ Shas'ui
10 Kroot w/ sniper rounds w/Shaper

Now I know what you'll probably say: 2k list and only 2 troops? This is madness. You're probably right, but we're using our own, kind-of-dumbed-down system of missions, in which the chance of choosing an objective-based game is only 50%. Even then, I intend to actually crush my enemy, thus giving truth to the fact that dead bodies cannot claim objectives. This is mostly due to the fact that I consider Tau troops too squishy for proper use. That beign said - I'm going to infiltrate the kroot and harass my enemy from turn 1, probably scoring a few wound before he clears them out. Infiltrate is doubly useful, as we play on non-standard, very big table (something like 100"/50")

Elites - 438 pt
3x Crisis w/ Shas'vre Plasma/Plasma/Vectored Retro-Thrusters/2Shield Drones/Bond
Riptide Battlesuit w/ Ion Accelerator/Skyfire/Stimulant Injector/Twin linked Fusion-Blaster

Now the first unit is kinda self-explainatory: a marine hunter squad, true to the name of my cadre. The Riptide is there mainly to act as a psychological gun-magnet, but I also expect of him to drop a few tanks. Quite a few I suppose, as my opponent will be running a combined Vanilla Marines/Death Corps of Krieg army.

Fast Attack - 634 pt
2x Tetra Scout Speeder/Disruption pod
3x "Hazard" Shas'vre w/ Fusion Cascades/2 Shield Drones / Counterfire
2x Remora Stealth Drone

Tetras are also self-explainatory. I find them a lot better in marker role than pathfinders. About XV-9 I realize that they are probably far overpriced for what they do, but I'm very fond of them nonetheless. And they make my opponent !@#$ bricks. The Remoras... I just want to try them out. They seem to be fun. They also provide another source of Markerlights and additional Seekers.

Heavy Support - 334 pt
Longstrike -> Hammerhead Gunship w/ Railgun/Disruption Pod/Drones/Blacksun/1 Seeker/Spines
Skyray Missle Defense Gunship/ Disruption Pod SMS

Longstrike should prove useful against Imperial Guard. I gave him Sensor Spines to give him the most cover possible for extra survivability. Skyray is there for marker support, as well as dealing with an enemy flyer or two (I'm expecting Stormraven, my opponent loves it.)

TOTAL: 1989

Or, if the mission will be objectives, I plan on losing one Tetra, splitting the Fire Warriors into to 6 man teams and adding two additional 6 man Gue'Vesa teams.

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