Help painting this colour scheme

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Help painting this colour scheme

Post#1 » Aug 09 2017 10:37

Hey All,

I need some help with painting my army, specifically in what paints to use for this particular colour scheme:


I really like this colour scheme and want to be able to paint it on my models to make it look something like this. I want to paint it on all models not just the battlesuits too.
Would you be able to lay out all the paints you would use (for the green and the grey) to effectively paint this colour scheme, from the primer to the finishing touches

The paints I do have are all games workshop paints, but if you suggest different paints I can invest in them too

Any help and advice you can give would be very much appreciated.


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Re: Help painting this colour scheme

Post#2 » Aug 09 2017 10:45

Mini war gaming .com has review of each model paint.

I use a combination of P3 paints and gw.

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Re: Help painting this colour scheme

Post#3 » Aug 09 2017 11:05

I will take the first stab at answering your question however take it all with a pinch of salt...

Mainly old GW colour names but there is a conversion chart here

Base prime the model in Chaos Black

Dark Angels Green highlighting up to Goblin Green

Chaos Black highlighted with Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey

Codex Grey highlighted to Fortress Grey and White

Space Wolves Grey highlight in White

Gunmetal Grey highlight Chainmail Silver

Blood Red

Any one else want a go? ;)

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Re: Help painting this colour scheme

Post#4 » Aug 09 2017 02:37

Use decals from one of the older transfer sheets for the symbols on the shield.

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Re: Help painting this colour scheme

Post#5 » Aug 10 2017 08:07

Thanks for the tips, knives and sniper.

Awesome El'mo, thank you for that layout. I will definitely look into it and give it a test. I appreciate it. Looks good.

Would be great for other people to give it a go too, the more advice I can get the better :D

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