Back to ATT after a decade [stonefox project log]

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Back to ATT after a decade [stonefox project log]

Post#1 » May 15 2017 02:57

Hi all. I used to post a lot in the old Yahoo group, later the ATT page. I went by Eva_something but I guess I changed it to this name at some point. I'm surprised this place is still kicking after all this time. Hope I can still remember and see some old posters again. I'm old. I got back into the minis hobby and have been mostly painting x-wing ships now but I just started painting 40k minis again. I thought I had an old thread with my project log in here, but I guess not.

This is one of the last things I painted when I left the last time. If you were around back then, you might remember it.

These are some things I've painted the past few months, both from the x-wing minis game

And this is my current project

It's not exactly Tau but I will be using this Ogre with what Tau models remain after I purged and sold most of my minis a long time ago. I must've picked up more forgeworld Tau models somewhere along the way since that's all I have left.

I still think my old techniques were better and I am just trying to get my skill level back to them again (peep the smoothness of that black to grey on the crisis suit I used to be able to do quickly), but I like to think I've also picked up some new tricks. If I can find pictures of my old drab green-and-brown firewarriors, I would contrast them with the brighter colors I prefer nowadays.

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Re: Back to ATT after a decade [stonefox project log]

Post#2 » May 16 2017 09:43

Hah superb, you'd be referring to MechTauTactica message board my man.

Good to see a veteran back in the Orbital.

Yup, we've been getting on well enough. One of the older forums about now :)

Look forward to more painting from you as you progress through projects!

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